Written by dobin

5 Jan 2013

I am currently working abroad a lot, at airports, at the moment on some Russian ones, or should I say old Russian ones. Just before Xmas I was in one quite modern airport and as usual I was asigned a “minder”, well not really but someone who knew their way about in the maze that is uaually there. On this occasion it was a girl about 28 to 30, very tall dark hair and eyes with a stunning figure, she spoke perfect English.

We got on well, I carried out most of my duties without too much trouble but I was often aware of looking closer at this beauty by my side. She wore a pale blue ground staff uniform with white blouse and a blue and white neck scarf. At the end of the day she took me to my pre-booked hotel and I suggested a drink to which she replied “of course”, she sat in a high backed winged chair opposite me and I was able to clearly see stocking tops down the side of her thigh as her skirt rode up from sitting down.

We drank a whole bottle of wine and I asked if she was not in a hurry did she wish to join me for dinner which she readily agreed but asked if she could freshen up first as it had been a long and very cold day (-15) so in my room I sorted out my clothes from my case as she used the bathroom. I was a bit shocked to hear the shower going but there was no hurry to eat. She walked out of the bathroom just wearing a towel tied over her breasts and not being long enough to cover her bum cheeks but just about over her pussy. She asked if I had a hair dryer and I soon found the one in the dressing table drawer, she sat and dried only the ends of her hair that got wet from the shower as I watched stunned, the towel soon dropped with her arms high over her head revealing the most wonderfull breasts with no attempt to cover them I went and stood behind her, she smile and I put my hands on her shoulders and gradually down to cup both breasts.

Her eyes closed as I found her hard nipples and I kissed her neck, she stood up, losing the towel and we kissed like we had known each other for ever, I moved her to the bed and gazed at what was a perfect body, I was soon naked and laid by her side, her hand was reaching down for my cock which was on full alert! She went down my body and her lips teased the tip of my cock and looking at me as she went fully down on me I was finding it hard not to cum. She took me to the edge and then back and seemed to know how close I was until she suddenly sliiped up on top of me and guided my cock deep inside her soaking wet cunt.

I hadnt even touched her cunt at this point but now my cock was throbbing and pumping away inside her, her tits bounced ever so slightly, their firmness kept them in shape for me to suck on them as she pommelled my cock until she came with such force that she took me with her over the edge, my spunk shooting deep up inside her.

We lay there spent, both of us, her body we sweaty and her smell was beautiful as I licked her all over finally reaching her cunt filled with my creamy sperm. We showered and went to dinner then resumed our activity for the rest of the night.