Written by reading_andy

25 Sep 2012

OK, It's late and I am bored, there is no-one in the chatroom so if I ramble a bit I apologise. I have been reading a few of the blogs on here and thought I'd tell you about my first experience!

To cut a long intro short, I went out with some friends for a drink a few months ago, a couple who I have known for ages, so we were already comfortable with each other. I was staying at theirs for the night and and we were all pretty drunk, them probably more than I. I was crashed on the sofa and they went upstairs, we had been chatting all night and the double entendres were flowing. They both came down in their dressing gowns and the banter continued. He sat on the sofa opposite and she was sat on the floor between his legs, everyone was feeling frisky. I could see her stroking his thigh inside the dressing gown as we chatted and started feeling myself being turned on, I must have been staring as when I looked up they were both looking at me smiling. He lent forward and slipped his hand inside her robe and began toying with her breasts, squeezing one then the other, as he did so it fell open and I could see her breasts, puckered nipples, large and weighty, unusual on such a slight girl with milky white skin.

She opened his gown and took his cock in her hand, he was already hard and I watched them both as she began stroking him. I was so turned on I didn't even notice my own erection and my fingertips running along it's outline in my jeans. She looked up at him and he nodded, with that she crosses the room on her hands and knees towards me, her breasts swinging as she moved. She knelt between my legs and unbuttoned my jeans, tugging both them and my boxers down, taking the thick shaft of my now rigid cock in her hand and licking slowly along the underside before parting her lips and slipping the tip into her mouth.

Groaning as she worked the fat pink tip of my cock, I looked up to see her other half stroking his own cock, watching her mouth on me. I reached down and cupped her weighty breast in my hand, squeezing it gently, pinching and rolling her stiff nipples between my thumb and forefinger which caused her to moan on my cock. Hearing this he, left his couch and knelt beside us, she took his cock in her hand and stroked it hard and fast as he slipped a hand between her legs and stroked her pussy.

She began writhing and moaning, alternating between his cock and mine, sucking us both off one after the other. I moved to the floor and lay beneath her, my head between her legs, spreading her wet pussy with my fingers and exposing her hard clit, I began circling it with my tongue, carefully not touching it which I could see was driving her mad, she stroked both our cocks harder and faster, blowing us for a few seconds each before switching to the other. He slipped a finger into her pussy as I teased her clit with my tongue and I watched her get wetter and wetter, squirming and moaning. I began flicking her clit with my tongue, slowly.....lightly.....the moment I touched it she cried out. I began circling her clit, flicking my tongue back and forth over it faster and faster, he moved from her side and knelt behind her, which left my cock alone to her attention, I took his hard cock in my hand and guided it to her wetness, as he rolled his hips forward stretching her pussy around his girth I pressed my tongue hard on her clit and moved it back and forth....she came there and then, screaming and writhing above me, her juices running down my face and chin as she flooded.

Her clit was too sensitive to touch after that so I sat back on the couch and let her blow me while he fucked her hard. I watched him cum deep inside her and was not long behind. Her mouth sliding up and down my thickly veined shaft as her hand worked me in time with her strokes......My hips bucked and she knew I was about to cum, she knelt up and stroked me harder and faster, pointing my cock at her breasts, I came. First one then two streams of hot and sticky semen, pumping from my rigid cock, covering her breasts and face as I gasped in ecstasy. My body convulsing as her hand works my shaft milking the last from my sack. My throbbing bell-end becoming over-sensitive as my orgasm subsides. I look down at her smiling up at me, cum hanging from her chin and breasts.

She slides her finger up her chin and sucks my giz from it, rising up to meet my face we kiss. A soft, sensual kiss with her cum soaked nipples bushing lightly over my chest. Our tongues entwined sharing my juices mixed with saliva.

He knelt alongside us as we broke off our embrace, she leant over and kissed him, both smiling, enjoying the moment and she bent slightly allowing him to rub his cock over her cum soaked tits before sucking it from his softening length. I watched as he licked my cum from her body, sucking her cute nipples back to hardness, tasting my cum and sharing it between them in a long deep kiss.

Well if you got to the end, well done. There is more to that story and I am hoping to try something similar again soon!