Written by Charles

24 Jul 2019

She wears a white mans shirt or something similar and we start with me wanking, she just loves to watch me wank.

And she likes me press my thigh against her crotch as I wank, so the vibrations go into her body.

However she does not wear knickers so her juices start to run down my thigh.

She requests that my cock is pushed inside her, and I agree. She is tight but well lubricated. The ripples inside her caress my bell end as I thrust.

She bucks as I fuck and my cock bottoms in her cervix. She is rather loud, and sometimes I have to cover her mouth with my hand, and she will bite it!

For a mature women she comes remarkably quickly and her cunt pulses on my dick after a few minutes.

She comes as I push deep into her cunt, hold it there, and pin her to the bed so she cannot move. Nailed with my dick and crushed by my body. She feels my balls pressing on her labia and I have her juices running down my sack.

When she has recovered I use the Durex Intense gel on my fingers to gently caress her clitoris. I increase the pressure and speed listening to the music of her orgasm as she comes again. Once she has finished I remove my gel covered fingers and we both relax.

By this time her juices have dried on my cock they leave a fine dry lubricant on the shaft that allows my hand to glide over my shaft as I pull on my cock .

If she feels inclined she slips on a vinyl glove, applies lubricant, and slides two fingers in my ass to massage my prostate, whilst I wank with the assistance of of the dry lubricant.

Pressing on my prostate is really nice and I have to be careful not to ejaculate. I get to a peak of pleasure and then tell her to stop. She extracts her fingers, up to three, but one is best, and removes the glove. One finger is the most effective as she can easily press on my prostate for the best effect.

She loves to suck my dick and grabs my balls digging her nails into my scrotum whilst trying to pull my balls off. Under normal circumstances that would be agony, but when I am excited it is lovely. She will dig the nails on her other hand into my nipples with a similar result.

Then I use the Doxy on her and bring her up to a point of orgasm whilst she is sitting on my penis and pushing herself up and down. By this time she has removed the shirt and her lovely breasts are swaying in front of me. I sometimes grip her nipples and pull them towards my hairy chest. She just loves the friction of my hairs on her squeezed nipples.

When she is about to come she jumps off and lies trembling beside me.

We talk about all sorts of erotic topics or watch porn for some time and she reaches over and takes my cock in her hand, which is the signal to start our finale. We will both masturbate, and then she will go for a piss, as will I before we continue .

Me wanking and she putting the head of the Doxy vibrator on her clitoris. We know what we both want, and she says "I'm ready," and I stand above her wanking, whilst she has the Doxy on her clitoris.

When she wants me to come, she reaches up and massages my balls, waiting for the precise moment when she places her index finger on my anal sphincter and just eases it in no more than a half an inch, that is my signal to spray her breasts with spunk. Which I kindly oblige, it goes everywhere, breasts, stomach, face, hair, lips, and if necessary pelvis and legs.

Then we both have a kiss, and go to sleep.

Better than any fantasy.


Tags: consensual