Written by unknown

18 Jun 2010

I wont bore you all and give you all the full story from the beginning, so I will give you a brief beginning the go onto the true story I have to tell.

The other night I was away working and I was a bit pissed off as I had to work the weekend to get the job done, the two lads that were with me decided to go out as we finished at around 8pm on the Saturday evening they were in there 20's and I'm in my late 40's so thought I would hinder there chances of scoring, so I had some food and sat in the hotel bar as you do there were only a hand full of people and soon most had wandered off to bed, I had just ordered another pint and thought about going to bed myself as there was not much going on as now it was around 11pm when a couple came in worse for wear and very loud they were in there mid 30's and a bit charverinsh he was covered in tattoo's she was dark, thin and loud they made straight over to the bar and ordered there drinks they started to chat to me as I was the only one there, they had been around town all day then to an engagement party ( which they said was dull ) but they were ok and offered me a drink to which I said no I have work in the morning they could tell by my accent I was from somewhere else in the country as I could tell by there accents they were from the Manchester area's.

Anyway they were throwing drinks down there necks like there was no tomorrow I bought them a drink as we moved over into the seating area, john was stumbling all over the place spilling most of his drink mind you Karen was'nt much better, after an hour or so I said I'm off to bed no said Karen we have just ordered you another drink so I felt I had to stay by this time it was john who was falling asleep Karen kept shoving him saying she's not tired yet so wake up but to no avail he fell asleep so I helped her carry him to there room as he slumped onto the bed dead to the world Karen said I need a piss to my amazement dropped her pants sat on the toilet and began to pee not bothered I was there watching her, before then I never thought I would soon be looking at her fanny, she was hairy but had it trimmed I felt my cock start to come to life as she stood up I had full view of her well trimmed cunt before she stumbled to pull up her thong then her jeans. As she came out of the toilet she said just leave the drunked cunt there come on I'm not ready for bed yet lets go have another few drinks I said would he not mind if he woke up, he's there for the night mate she said. As we left the room all I could think about was her well trimmed fanny, she was not my type thin small tits and a bit rough but hey I'm 47 so I thought what the fuck lets see what I can get out of this. I was pouring the jack daniels and coke down her neck I was just drinking coke about half an hour or so she said am I keeping you up I forgot you have work tomorrow I laughed and said it's a bit late to worry about that now, do you need to go to bed or check on john nah he will be ok but if your worried I will go and check him but will you come with me I cant remember which room I'm in so off into the lift I pressed floor three which was her floor we entered the room I had to open it as she couldn't hit the hole with the key, he was still in the same position as we left him off to the toilet she went again sat there pissing I walked over and looked at her don't you mind me being here you've seen a fanny before have'nt you I laughed and said what if john woke up, told you he's there for the night as she stood up I walked in the toilet and said I'm bursting for a piss well have one she said I cant I have a hard on really she said have you to which I pointed to my jeans it was bulging out of the seems well we had better do something about it then she started to undo my zip I looked back at john on the bed and thought fuck if and let her release my rock hard cock, I'm standing

there her with my cock in her hand and her thong and jeans around her ankles nothing was said I just started to rub her mound and she started to wank me off as one finger led to two then three she started to bit her lip and wank me harder, I need to fuck you now I said I hope you do as she dropped to the floor and started to suck me off, what here I said come back to my room she didn't reply just sucked harder I pulled away bent down and pulled off her jeans and thong stood her up and lifted off her top and bra she was there naked her boyfriend behind us out for the count on the bed and me as horny and hard as I had been for a few years.

I started to kiss her and her neck against the wall I dropped to my knees and started to lick her cunt by now she was panting heavily and clawing at my back still with my jeans on I pressed her against the wall she guided my cock to the entrence of her wet lips I thrust straight up her hole she moaned as I pushed the door closed and lifted her leg up pounding away at her wet cunt feeling every inch of my hard cock thrusting into her my balls slapping against her wet fanny. I started to suck her now hard little nipples and finger her arse I was about to cum but thought fuck it and shot straight up her she bit into my shoulder and shuddered as she cum as I turned her around to take her from behind I could see my hot cum running out of her cunt and down her thin legs this made me harder and thrust it up her again holding onto her thighs as she bucked back onto me I pulled out and started to lick her again and my tongue was flicking her little arse hole do you like that I said she replied oh yes as my tongue eased it's way into her brown ring I started to finger it then stood up guided my cock gently into her little arse inch by inch as she started to scream in a quiet way I was humping the arse off her as her boyfriend slept inches away from us at first it did bother me but by now I was not going to stop for anyone I was about to cum again I pulled out of her wiped my cock on a towel and pushed her to her knees and she sucked me off her lips up and down my full length until I came in her mouth fucking her mouth as my hot spunk spurted out the sides as she couldn't swallow for me thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth.

We dressed and I left as simple as that never saw them again and I've wanked myself over this from that day to this.