Written by unknown

28 Nov 2007

i had read on this page of "swingers stories" about the couple who drove at the side of a truck,and the woman would play with her pussy and tease the driver,then she and her husband would pull into a quiet road and let the truck drivr fuck her,being a truck driver myself,and having a horny wife i said, if that couple can do it so can i.so last Sunday i headed off for the locality that they had mentioned in their story and kept a look out for this Fiat Punto that they said they would be driving.my wife said we would hardly find them,but to our amazement we had no sooner got to the junction where they said they would be when we saw their car.i passed them and got off the motorway at the next junction and came back towards them.as i slowly passed them i kept a look in my rearview mirror,and was delighted to see the car pulling out after us.before i go any further i would like to explain,i am small,fat and bald,and i am 59 yrs of age,which means i dont have a lot going for me,but i make up for all this by being able to outfuck all the guys half my age,i can fuck for hours,and i have a 7" cock.My wife is 45,with a lovely body,nice tits and a very tight shaved pussy.and we love to watch each other either fucking or getting fucked.anyway,as we drove along the car pulled out to come up on the outside of me,I was prepared for them,i had adjusted my seat up to its maximum,which gave the passenger in the car a good look at my cock which i had taken out as soon as i saw them following us.as the car came alongside of me i saw a woman playing with her pussy in the passenger seat,i wanked my cock to let her know i was looking at her,this only lasted a couple of minutes as they had to pull forward to let a car pass them,but they pulled in to let me pass them again,as i was pulling out i told my wife to take off her top and bra quickly and give him a look at her tits,which she did, i drove beside him for a couple of minutes to give him a look,he then pulled out and drove beside me and i watched his wife fingering her cunt,as we approached the old road to Bunratty he turned off giving me a wink of his hazzard lights,so i followed him.in my frenzy to get into that lovely cunt,and to get his cock up my wife,i didnt take any notice of the truck following me.it stayed a bit of a distance behind me,so i thought nothing of it.the fiat punto pulled in to a gateway,and i pulled in behind them.the driver got out and walked back towards me,he looked roughly my own age and was also small and well built,i got out of the truck and his first words were "did you like what you saw"i told him it was lovely,he said he liked what he saw as well,i asked him would he like to bring his wife up to the truck as there was a bunk bed in it,so he went to call his wife and i got back in to the truck and told the wife they were coming up to us,she took off her knickers and lay on the bed,the man and woman came up to us and got in,the man sat on the edge of the bed and the woman sat on the passenger seat.We talked for a while until my horn started to hurt me,i made eyes at the man to put his hand up under my wifes skirt,which he did ,and i saw him rubbing my wifes cunt,she had opened her legs to let him get a good look.His wife was watching him and she started playing with her cunt.I moved over to join her on the seat,and played with her tits,and i pot two fingers up her wet cunt.the man couldnt wait any longer he took off his jeans and mounted my wife.as he was fucking her i reclined the seat and lifted his wifes legs up around my hips and drove my cock up to the bone,i was so horny that i took no notice of the truck pulling in behind us until i saw the headlights shining on the window,as nearly all truckers know each other,i thought it might be someone who knew me,or knew my lorry,i got off the woman and told them i was going out to have a look to see who it was,i went walking back to the truck behind us and as i did a young chap of about 25 got out,i could see there was another youngish lad sitting in the passenger seat,the driver asked me if there was a bit of action going on,and i told him we were having a fuck.I explained about the couple ,and that the husband was inside fucking my wife,and that i was just about to fuck his wife.he asked if there was any chance his mate and himself could get a fuck.I told him to pull down the road a bit and wait a while and when my wife was fucked and when i had fucked his wife they would be going away,and then i would pull down to them and they could fuck my wife,they pulled away and i got back in to the truck and continued where i had left off.the man had already spunked up my wife and it didnt take me long to spunk up his wife.we had another good fuck each but i couldnt concentrate because i could see the tail lights of the other truck parked down the road.the couple left,promising us a repeat performance the following sunday,when they had gone i asked the wife if she was still horny,she said she was mad for more cock,i asked her would she like to take two young studs who were waiting for a fuck oh god yes she said so i drove down to where the two lads were waiting,got out and told the two of them to come up to my truck,when we got in the driver leaned straight over and buried his mouth in my wifes cunt,he lifted her legs up and opened them,i was sitting in the passenger seat and i got a clear view of him licking her clit,at this stage his mate and myself had our cocks out and were wanking.the drivers cock was about 6",but his mate put the two of us to shame,his cock was a good 9",and as thick as my wrist,the driver moved up on to my wife and slid into her,he started fucking her as if there was no tomorrow,he was like a steam train.i heard him saying "O jesus im coming",my wife loving the fuck said "Give me your lovely hot come up my wet cunt"he was shooting his spunk up her.he got off her and his mate moved over to her,he took hold of her hand and put it on his cock,i heard her give a little gasp as she felt the size of it,she wanked it for a few seconds and then she pulled him up on top of her,as he was putting it into her i heard her saying "give me that big cock you horny bastard" and then he started pushing it in.he was different to his pal,he was fucking her very slowly,pushing his cock all the way in and pulling it nearly all the way out,i had a great view of it from my position,he kept doing this until my wife could stand it no longer and said "fuck me hard,give my cunt a good ramming,and then he really started fucking her.i thought he was going to drive his cock out through her mouth.he stayed fucking her for about 10 minutes,i wanked my come all over the steering wheel,and his mate was ready for another fuck by the time he was finished,the driver fucked her again, and his mate gave her one more.they asked if they could meet up with us again next week and we told them that we would,my wife said she wants that big cock again,and if she cant get that one she will take two small ones,so if you are around durty nellies at the weekend,and you see a DAF truck parked anywhere around,you will be sure of a fuck,just be sure you can give her a good fast hard fuck and make her come all over your cock