Written by unknown

3 Nov 2007

As usual,my wife and myself decided to go for a drink on saturday night.so we headed for a pub out in the country,living in the Limerick reigon of Ireland its not hard to find countryside,so we headed for DURTY NELLYS in Bunratty.my wife had a vodka or two and as i was driving decided to drink coke.it was a lovely bright evening so we sat outside on the seats.After a while and a few vodkas my wife told me she felt horny,i asked her if she wanted to go to the car and have a fuck,she said,"lets do something exciting",i asked her what she had in mind,she said there are lots of lorries travelling through here why dont we go out the road a bit and park up on the slip road at the Clare inn,and when we see a lorry coming we can go after it and give the driver a flash.This idea turned me on so much that i told her to finish her drink while i was getting the car.We headed out for the slip road and we didnt have to wait too long when a lorry came along,My wife who likes to wear a short skirt pulled it up and took off her knickers and reclined the seat as far back as it would go.I went off after the lorry and slowly gained on him.As this stretch of the road is motorway it would be easy for me to delay in overtaking him.I pulled alongside of him,at this stage my wife was laying back with her skirt pulled up to her hips showing her shaved pussy,she had her legs open so the driver could get a good look.I cant see the driver but my wife is telling me what is happening.she has her eyes half closed as if she is asleep,she is talking to me without moving her lips.she tells me the driver is about 34 and is fairly good looking,and he is having a good look at her pussy,I continue to drive along by his side and my wife is getting hornier,she starts to rub her pussy,The driver must have had some way of adjusting his seat,because he rose himself up so my wife could see he had his cock out and was wanking it,i asked her what was his cock like and she said it was very big and thick.she started wanking her clit.Just at this stage a car came up behind me and wanted to overtake so i had to pull away from him and let the car pass.i slowed down and let the lorry pass us again then i pulled out and drove beside him again,this time my wife opened her legs wide and rubbed her pussy,she didnt close her eyes she looked straight at him,he was wanking his big cock which was making her wet,i asked her would she like to have it up her, "O GOD YES" was the reply i got,by now we had pulled forward and pulled up beside him on a few occasions to let other vehicles passand we had arrived to the slip road to Bunratty, so i pulled ahead of him, gave him a couple of winks of my hazzard lights, and turned down the slip road,anyone who knows this road knows that it is a very quiet road with no lights.we pulled down a little bit and parked up with the lorry right behind us,I got out of my car and walked back to the driver and asked him if he liked what he had seen,he said he had nearly come all over his jeans three times but stopped each time hoping he would get a chance to meet up with us.i asked him if he would like to fuck her wet pussy,his exact words were"does dolly parton sleep on her back".i asked him did he mind if i watched him fucking her,he said he had no problem with that.he got out of his truck and we walked to the car,the wife was still playing with her pussy as i opened the door,he didnt delay, he opened his jeans and let them fall,pulled down his boxers and the cock i saw falling out made me feel like a 10 year old(and my cock is 7")he climbed in on top of her and rammed it up her, i was standing at the door watching my wife getting that massive cock pumped up her,i thought at one stage the car was going to turn over he was fucking her so hard.he shot his come up her and came out of the car and i got in and gave her a good fucking,then he got back in again and gave it to her again.When we were all satisfied we said our goodbyes to him and he drove away,we were so horny that we decided to go back out to the junction and try for another lorry,which we found,but thats another story,if i am allowed to say this. keep an eye out for a small gold coloured punto every weekend parked at the back of the woolen mills in Bunratty and you never know your luck