30 Sep 2018


I was having a drink with my mate Pete the other evening and he asked me if i was okay and if i had changed my car, as when he came home he recently saw a different car parked outside. I just brushed it off and made light work of it saying Sue may of found a daytime lover. By the look on Pete's face he thought it may be true.

This was playing on my mind for days so i decided to take the day of work and to see for myself what if anything was going on .I hated doing it but needed piece of mind.

Sue was acting as she always did and had our regular sex session in bed before going to sleep for the night.

Next morning i got up and made her a coffee so she could drink it in bed while i had a shower and got ready for work.

I was eating my breakfast when she came down her naked body perfect as the sun shone in through the kitchen window her large breast slowly swaying with each step and her well trimmed bush about her lovely pussy . As she went over to the sink to put her cup in the bowl her bum came into view, very smooth and perfectly round.

i finished my coffee and went over to her and kissed her goodbye grabbing her bum tightly as she kissed me deeply. i could feel her tongue enjoying my mouth.

i had to let her go and she wished me a good day . She grabbed her dressing gown and came to the door to wave me off. Other people were off to work the same time and a couple of men were looking at her legs as the gown was very short.

i got to my car and got in and she blew me a kiss .

i started the car an drove off, wen i got two streets away i stopped and switched of the engine . Pete's words going round in my head and my own feelings all over the place. do i or do i not do this then if i'm going to do this i need to do this now.

MEANWHILE : Sue after seeing me off rehung her gown behind the door and started to wash up when her phone rung. It was her best friend Sally asking her if she wanted to go shopping . good idea said sue and sally replied Great pick you up in 30 mins. with that Sue tidied up and went for a bath to get ready for her outing.

I had parked my car so i could watch my own house but couldn't be seen from the house. it seemed like ages but it wasn't long before a car was pulling up outside my house - was this the car with her lover in it. no just a guy on his phone and he drove off after 5 mins.

then came this little car and stopped and a figure got out in a parka coat with the hood up and went to my door and within a few seconds Sue came to the door looked out still in her gown and invited the stranger in.

Now what do i do Pete was right after all i decided to wait a while then go and confront her. i was getting more and more anxious and kept looking at my watch every two minutes or so till 45 mins was up and i decided to go home.

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