Written by michele1978

25 Oct 2011

on another site i was contacted by a guy called joe from manchester. he was 41,married and the pic he sent me was a good looking dark haired,blue eyed bloke,6ft 2 and a nice build.we met for a drink in a pub then he offered me a lift home we kissed in his car. we met again 1 afternoon and had a very sexy snog and grope and came up with a good idea. that friday me and my husband were due to go out as normal i dressed in a satin black dress,heels and put some red lace tights on. the doorbell rang at about 9 o clock it was joe in his uniform my hubby answered the door. joe informed him that a neighbour had complained about shouting and arguing coming from our house and that either my husband or myself must leave the property. my hubby protested that no argument took place we had been getting ready for a nite out,but joe was insistent. i said i would leave and that i wasnt happy being taken away and would be contacting my solicitor when i got to the station. joe informed my hubby i would probably be detained overnight. he walked me to his car parked in the next street we got in and giggled at our plan,and he said it was his best arrest. his wife was away overnite so we went back to his place. he opened the front door i entered first he closed it and pulled me towards him and kissed me very passionately,i fingered his lapels then stoked his bum through those form fitting trousers.he stroked my lace covered legs. we got undressed and he pushed me on my back on the stairs and entered me missionary we both came really quickly. we went into the lounge he sat on the sofa i straddled him and rode him grinding up and down whilst he moaned loudly. doggy with me bent over the coffee table completed it. when we woke next morning he did me missionary again then we got dressed and he took me home.