Written by dobin

3 Mar 2011

Having spent so many years playing games, enjoying my sexual freedom and genrally having a damn good time, I got to thinking about how it all started. So when was your first rememberable experience, mine was whilst I was in the last year of junior school… I lived in a small hamlet built around a farm and there were quite o lot of children boys and girls around the same age. One day on the bus home from school the inevitable question was asked…to me by the two naughtiest girls in our hamlet, If we show you ours will you show us yours?? Well of course the answer was a hearty yes and I couldn’t wait till later that evening when we arranged to meet. The girls had used hay bales to make a secure from view rea in a field away from the houses, I rolled up on my bike bumping along to find them giggling and excited. Jane took control, she was blonde and very sweet while Kate was dark, tall and sultry.

She asked me to sit down and she said they would show first as they asked, and they both lifted their skirts and pulled their knickers out to show me … well it was just a crack to me at that time, so they asked to see mine and I did the same action to show them, they both stared intently, neither had brothers so they had not really seen a boys cock.

They said they will get undressed if I would, so we all stripped and the girls laid on their dresses and opened their legs for me to see, I had never seen a girl like that before and I was fascinated and the interest had started to get me slighty excited, something it only did in bed at night as I played with it. Jane asked ifi wanted to touch them and I was there in a shot, rubbing all over their pussies and not realising what I was doing, anyway, jane now said it was my turn so I laid down and they came by my side and looked close at me, they both touched it and jane seemed to know to rub it up and down, the result was that it stiffened and it fascinated them so much they played with it for ages.

Jane said she knew it went inside her to have babies and said you can put a finger in if you like and so with her and kate both attending my cock I slipped a finger in her hole, she was wet and obviously I thought she had pee’d but now I know different. The evening ended with jane trying to get my cock into her jole but it failed but it was great trying. All this time I had not really looked at janes tits which were well developed and she got me to feel them and kates which were like bee stings then we all went home, I masturbated that night and came a wet watery cum for the first time of many.

I had a lean time with sex for several years after that, never making it past first base with girls I met on dates and one evening I was on my way home from the pictures on the last bus and Jane and kate were on there too, we had a laugh, the boys they met were crap and they decided to come home, we were now just short of 18 and as we walked down the unlit road back to our houses I just said, do you remember that day in the field over there? Which Jane said oh yes that was fun, come on lets go there now, well it was a warm night and the field was now full of clover and soon we had settled down and chatting and smoking. Jane said we tried to do it that night didn’t we, kate giggled and I felt my cock stiffen, I said god yes it was amazing and told them I had cum that night and it was all thin wet and runny, they both seemed fired up and said well whats it like now, will you show us, is it thick and creamy?

Well I am sure you can guess that it wasn’t long before my cock was on show and held by both girls again, I said it was unfair and they had to do same as they did that day years ago and strip off, they both stood up and were naked in seconds tits were now huge and kate’s were beautiful, upturned hard nipples…mmm we all lay down side by side with me in the middle, the difference from out youth fun was that we kisses each other and we were well on the way to having full sex when Jane said.. well lets see if you can get it in now, well she leapt up and lowered herself down on my cock as kate held it upright for her, we fucked for ages, I lost all idea of time and as soon as Jane had cum on my cock she was replaced by Kate for her first full sex, Jane had sex at 14 and was very active.. There was no pill and I had no rubbers and we decided that best if I shot my load as they wanked me to make sure of no mistake… or babies. It took a while and I lay back as mouth after mouth encased my cock until I was ready and I told them I was cumming… Kate sat back but jane wanted to taste it and took the full massive load. Then, to make my night complete she went to Kate and kissed her with her mouth full of my spunk and they started to play with each other… we fucked a few more times into the night but we never did it again. I still see Jane and her family and no more was ever said… oh the pleasures of youth ..