Written by ac11963

9 Nov 2007

Terri had been working at her new job at a distribution warehouse for three months before the Christmas party. She had made some new friends including another secretary called Helen and a deputy manager called Gary.

When she came in to the lounge after getting ready she looked fucking horny. She had black trousers on with a white button up blouse which was just see through enough to show her black bra.

"˜ I'm going' she said "˜ The cab's here, don't wait up'.

"˜ OK have a nice time' I replied and off she went. She didn't get in until 2am pissed as a fart with Gary helping her to the front door, "˜She's had a bit to drink' Gary said as he helped me get her into the bedroom. He left and I got her undressed and in to bed, I found whilst undressing her though that she had no knickers on, I tried to ask her where they were but she was to drunk to answer.

The next evening whilst laying in bed with her I asked about the knickers. She smiled and said that if I gave her a good licking she would tell me all about it, my tongue went straight to work on that clit. After a good licking and two fingers deep inside her now soaking wet pussy she started to tell me about the previous evenings exploits.

She arrived at the venue a local hall, close to the warehouse, but with a proper bar and dance floor. She meet up with a few of the other girls including Helen and they started drinking and dancing. As the night went on she got talking to Gary and the conversation started to get a bit flirty. More drink flowed a slow song came on and Gary asked for a dance. On the dance floor she could feel his hands exploring her body, squeezing her arse, caressing her tits, her body was tingling as his lips meet hers and they kissed passionately. They went back to the bar had another drink and as they stood close to each other she could feel his had on her cunt, gently rubbing her clit. She was very wet by now.

"˜ I must go to the loo' she said, and off she went. As she walked into the loo it was like a mini orgy, as she walked past one cubicle she could see one of the warehouse girls being fucked doggy style, in the next cubicle she could hear the moans of another girl being fucked.

As she came out of her cubicle Gary was standing there, he kissed her and pushed her back in the cubicle, his hand was soon down inside her knickers with a finger working its way into her pussy. "˜ lock the door "˜ she said. "˜No, it's more thrilling leaving it slightly open' he replied. He undid her trousers and allowed them to fall to the floor, he sat on the toilet seat and gently pulled her knickers down to reveal her neatly trimmed cunt. His tongue went to work, licking either side of her pussy lips and ever now and then flicking her clit with his tongue. His slid two fingers up into her very wet pussy. She managed to get one leg out of her trousers so as to open her legs wider. His fingers worked faster until she could feel the sensation rise in her body and she came. She pushed his hand away and began to feel his cock, it felt big. She undid his trousers and pulled out what was a big cock, it had to be at least 9 inches. She wrapped her mouth around it and began to suck his massive tool. Gary stood up and re-positioned himself further back so Terri could suck his cock deeper, she felt so horny she could her the other girls being fucked and groaning and moaning she was so turned on, Suddenly she felt a hand on her arse and a finger beginning to probe her wet pussy,' Don't look around "˜ Gary said grabbing her head and moving it up and down his cock. The finger became two fingers, it felt good she couldn't believe that a stranger was fingering her pussy while she sucked on this massive cock. The fingers were removed and she felt his cock pushing up against her cunt, it gently worked it's way in, she groaned as it slid up into her swollen pussy, she sucked on Gary's cock harder she was so turned on to be fucked by a cock she didn't know was so horny, and it wasn't a small cock either. He began to fuck her harder ramming his cock right up inside her, "˜come on give it to me' she said, he began to fuck her hard now she could feel his bollocks slapping against her, she orgasmed again, she pulled away from Gary's cock and began to wank Gary hard and fast, the stranger began to fuck Terri even faster until she felt him twitch and fill her pussy full of his hot spunk, Gary pushed her head back onto his cock and then he filled her pretty mouth with his juices. The stranger pulled his cock out and disappeared, she never did know who it was.

"˜Give me your knickers' Gary said "˜something to remember you by' a strange request she thought but gave them to him anyway.

They returned to the bar and had another drink. What a fuck she thought, best party I've been to.

The affair with Gary would develop, but that's another story, and she still looks around the office and warehouse and wonders who fucked her that night.