Written by unknown

6 Dec 2007

my husband and i went out for a drink on Saturday evening,We try to go to a pub that has a bit of music,we went to one such pub that advertised music on the night,but when we got there the place was almost empty,except for six women, and about five men,There were two women sitting at a table,one was about 35,the other was maybe 40,when we called a drink we sat at a table next to them,My husband being the chatty type asked the girls if there was music being played here tonight,the 35 year old said "the band cancelled at the last minute",we got chatting to the girls,and it appeared the 35yr old was married,and the 40yr old was divorced and as she said herself,"she was out looking for a man" and she added im going to get that one over there with the leather jacket.my husband said "good luck to you girl" we said we were going to move on to another pub where we were sure of some country & western.the 35yr old said do you mind if i tag along because i will only be in her way if she is going to make a play for that bloke,we said thats no problem,and off we went,we found a pub that was playing music and settled in for a few drinks,My husband bought a round,and then our new found friend (lets call her liz)said she would buy a drink.when she went up to the bar my husband said "i would love to get up her cunt",i said "do you want me to try to get her for you"Please ,is all he could say,To make a long story short,I had a good chat with Liz,and found out that she liked a bit of cock that was half normal,(i will explain half normal later in the story),as Liz lived in our direction we suggested that we all take the one cab,Liz lived about a half mile further on than us.When we got to our house i asked Liz did she want to come in for a drink,which she did.I wont go into detail, we had a few drinks,i went to the toilet with Liz, told her my husband would like to fuck her,and when we went downstairs we started talking sex and the inevitable happened.my husband fucked Liz.he fucked her a few times and he also fucked me,but that wasnt all Liz was into,she gave me the most beautiful come with her tongue.we fucked for about two hours and then Liz got a cab home.my husband had promised to get someone to build a small extension on the back of our house,but never seemed to find anyone,So when i got up the next morning i picked up our local paper and went to the building section,I went through all the usual adds,"extensions,conversions,no job too big, no job too small.I rang a man who said he would call to me in a week,and another who told me he would call by in a few days,But on my third attempt a man answered who said he could call round at 10AM that morning.he arrived at 10,and i have to say he looked handsome,i told him what i wanted and he started measuring,I noticed he kept looking at my tits,he finished measuring and left,promising to bring me an estimation the next day at the same time,that night at about 9 i got a phone call,to my surprise it was Liz,we chatted for a while and i asked her where she got my number,she said she got it from her husband,how did he get it i asked,she said he was in your house today about your extension,(lets call him Tom)she said Tom was a builder,and when he told her who he had called to,she had to ring to make sure we didnt say anything about what we had done with her.next morning my husband left for work as usual,and i stayed in bed until nine,i got up put on a T shirt,track suit bottom,and a pair of trainers,I realised Tom was calling at 10,and when i passed the full length mirror in the hall i thought to myself,this is no way to be dressed when a good looking man calls.i went upstairs took of my gear and put on my dressing gown,of course i wore no knickers or bra under it.When Tom did arrive at 10-30 i asked him did he want a coffee,he said yes so i made us both one,he handed me my estimate for the extension and i sat on a stool at the counter top in the middle of our floor,i turned sideways and opened my legs a little to give him a look at my very hairy pussy (i knew his wife Liz had a clean shaven pussy,and as my husband always said,a man prefers a hairy pussy,because he has to guess what lies behind the hair instead of being able to see it)I pretended to be reading the estimate and opened my legs a bit more,i put the paper on my lap and let on i was looking at it,when in actual fact i was looking over it to see was i making any impression on him.Now i am not one for exaggerating,but what i saw nearly made me faint,i saw what i thought was a baseball bat down the leg of his trousers, and not was there only a baseball bat but it had a tennis ball on the top of it.I couldnt believe my eyes when it was actually growing in front of me,I couldnt help myself,I turned round to face him and in doing so i let my dressing gown open so he could get a good look at the hair between my legs,i knew he couldnt see my pussy lips because they were covered in hair,Ilooked straight down at his "baton" and said "my god,thats some cock,He said would you like to see it,yes i told him,He stood up and opened his fly,He tried to take it out but he couldnt get it out of his trousers,the only way he could get it out was to open his belt and drop his trousers,when i saw the size of it i got weak at the knees.the only way i can describe it is.Imagine a bottle of bud with no neck,just the same width all the way down,with a tennis ball on top of it,and a pair of balls the size of apples,he asked me did i want it and i said i dont think i will be able to take it,he said if we used a bit of lubrication it would go in,so we headed for the bedroom,he layed me down and put three pillows under my arse,which rose my cunt up in the air,he kneeled in between my legs and took hold of his shaft with his left hand and the knob in his right,neither of his hands could fit round them.he started wanking his cock and rubbing the knob,he told me he would make me wet with his first lot of spunk,and to give him a minute and it would be ready to fuck me,he wanked until i saw him leaning back to aim his cock at my pussy,but in his excitement he aimed his cock too high,he shot his first jet all the way up to my chin and between my tits,the second jet landed on my belly,the third jet landed on the hair above my pussy and the last few drops he wiped between my legs.I knew he wanted to shoot it all on my pussy,so i rubbed it all down to my pussy and rubbed it into my cunt.his cock seemed to collapse when he shot his load,but true to his word after a minute or so it came to life again,only this time it seemed to grow bigger,he didnt delay,he moved in between my legs and started to rub that huge knob up and down between my cunt lips,he reached down and moved my spunk filled hair apart and opened my cunt lips,he put his big knob up against my cunt,and before i knew what was happening he drove his cock all the way into me.I let out a scream that would wake the dead,he grabbed hold of my legs and lifted them up to his chest and gave one more push until i could feel his pubic bone banging off mine,he didnt move it in and out, he just left it buried inside me,i tried to pull away from him because of the pain but he held on to my legs and i couldnt move,then i could feel his cock throbbing inside me,he just shoved his bone harder against mine and i could feel his cock growing inside me,without moving his cock in or out he shot his spunk up into me.i said well at least it will die now and fall out,how wrong i was,he had only started,the fucking thing had a life of its own,he started moving his cock in and out of my cunt and the more he fucked me the more i started to enjoy it,suddenly there was no pain, and i started to move with him,he fucked me this way for over an hour,then he turned me over,put me on my hands and knees and fucked me for another half hour from behind.When both of us were well satisfied we got up and went down stairs, he apoligised for the way he rammed it up me at the beginning,and said he was afraid i wouldnt take it because of its size,he said he hurts his wife when he fucks her and its been quite a while since hes had a good fuck,i told him he hurted me when he put it in first but after a while i loved it,he asked me if he could call around again sometime,and i told him he could call anytime he wanted as long as he didnt ram it up me like he did,i told him i want to feel it going in and when he is shooting his spunk up me,i want him to be moving as he is coming.He promised me he would do it.to finish off my story,Liz phoned me just as he was going out the door,and asked how long had he been gone,i said he was gone ages,that he just dropped in the estimate and left,She said she was on her way into town and would she call in for a cup of tea,call in i told her,when she called in i was still in my dressing gown,the only difference was that this time my cunt was full of spunk and the hair around it was saturated.she asked me about my husband and when could we have another fuck,she went on to explain that my husband was the first one to fuck her in about three months,she loved her husband but he hurted her every time he fucked her because he was so big,she said she only wanted a cock that was half normal,we talked about my husband and she said she was getting wet just thinking about him fucking her,one thing led to another and before we knew it the two of us were naked,we lay on the floor and she put her mouth on my cunt,i came within seconds,not because of what she was doing,(even though it was nice)i came because i knew that she was licking her own husbands come out of my cunt.i gave her a good fucking with my tongue,and i brought out my "rantin rabbit"and fucked her with it.i dont know how i am going to ask her to let her husband fuck me,but im sure i will think of something,maybe when my husband is up her she might be excited enough to say she will fix it for me,until then i will just have to get fucked on the quiet