Written by unknown

25 Jan 2008

Being a grafter all my life,i was getting depressed being at home all the time due to an accident at work.i fell off a ladder and injured my back,the injury stopped me from having sex with the wife,and i could tell this bothered her,because she is very highly sexed,and likes a fuck a couple of times a day.Not to mention the strain it put on our finances,i was getting money from the social,and to be truthful we just couldnt make ends meet.one night as we were lying in bed,my wife wanking her clit,which she had to do a lot lately,said "we have a lot of bills to pay tomorrow,i said "i dont know where we are going to get the money"she said "suppose i offer them my body,would they take it instead of the money,i said "go ahead" they might like to fuck you for it,OK she said,ill try the milkman when he calls tomorrow afternoon,i asked her if i could watch her getting fucked if it happened,she said we would organise things in the morning.when we got up the next morning she asked me to come with her into the back room,this room had very little in it,a single bed,locker and wardrobe,she took the locker out to our room and asked me to give her a hand to bring in a big stand up mirror,she put the mirror under the window,and after twisting and turning it a few times and walking out to the landing to look in at it,she was finally satisfied,she told me to come and look in the mirror,as i did i had a clear view of the bed.Now im ready she said.That afternoon she put on a short skirt and a very tight top,i could see her nipples standing out like finger tips,she told me when the milkman calls ,you go up to our room and wait,if i get him upstairs,you can come out to the landing and look in the mirror and watch us.About an hour later there was a knock on the door and my wife told me to go up and close out our door,but dont shut it,you will make too much noise opening it and he might hear you.i went and my wife answered the door,i heard a bit of talking and then i heard footsteps on the stairs,they went in to the room and i heard him saying "you have a beautiful body"then i heard the bed creaking,i gave them about three minutes and then i sneaked out to the landing,my wife had left the door open just enough for me to see the mirror,I got an erection the minute i looked in.my wife was lying on the bed and the mlkman was kneeling in between her legs licking her cunt,she had hold of his head ,forcing it deeper into her wet slit.then he got up and took off his trousers,i couldnt see his cock from this angle but i could see the look of pleasure on my wifes face.he didnt delay,he got on top of her and without using his hands,he guided his cock straight into her cunt,he started fucking her really slow at first then he gathered speed until he was ramming it up her really hard.she started lifting her arse off the bed to meet his cock coming down,she started telling him to fuck her cunt,"give it all to me you horny bastard" take it up your lovely wet cunt he said.he rode her like that for about five minutes then he turned her over and shoved it up her from behind,he lifted her up on her hands and knees and fucked her so hard that she was banging her head off the headboard,at this stage i had my cock out,and realised it hadnt been this hard in a couple of months,and i wanked like i had no sore back,i heard my wife saying,"have you ever fucked an arsehole"he said no,and she said will you fuck mine,he pulled out of her cunt and this time he guided his cock into her arse with his hand,he wasnt long up her arse when he said"jesus your very tight,can i shoot my come up your arsehole,yes she said,and within seconds he was pumping spunk up her.He stayed in her for a few minutes until every drop of spunk was drained out of his cock,then he got off her and pulled up his trousers,she got off the bed and straightened her clothes,saying,"i had better have a shower before my husband gets home" OK he said i will see you next week,maybe we can have another session,then he left,i came out of the room and when she saw my cock standing she said "look what watching me getting fucked has done for you,come on she said and give me some of that lovely cock,and i did,and would you believe i never felt a thing in my back,after we fucked we talked about the other two men who would be calling,and she said she would try the same thing with them.the Moneylender was the next one to call,he was a young lad,about 22,i went to my room,my wife spent a bit of time talking and then i heard the footsteps on the stairs,i didnt wait as long this time,when they went in to the room i came straight out to the landing to watch,he had sat my wife on the edge of the bed and opened her legs,he was kneeling on the floor licking her cunt,she layed back and he shoved her skirt up around her hips,lifted her top and started pinching her nipples,when she told him to fuck her he stood up and dropped his jeans and boxers,this time i got a look at the cock,it was about 7" and fairly thick,he opened her legs even further and shoved his cock up her,he had his feet planted firmly on the floor,and he was forcing his cock well into her,so hard in fact that he was moving the bed,she came up to meet his every stroke and even put her legs around his arse to pull him in further,he was calling her every sort of a name and she was calling him a bastard and a whoremaster,and the two of them came together,and it was too late for me too,i had to shoot my spunk in to a towel that was hanging over the bannister.He too got off her and asked if he could have the same next week,she said "what about the money" he said "fuck the money,you wont have to pay if you do this every so often,OK she said,see you next week,and off he went.The coalman is always the last to call,because he has to go home and clean himself before he does his rounds,so we had a chance to have a chat,i asked her was she enjoying getting fucked,she said she was,but it was better knowing the bills were getting paid,"youre not jealous are you" no i said,i havent been this horny in years,OK she said,only one more to go.An hour or so later the knock came,and i went to my room,again the chat downstairs,and again the footsteps,i was thinking to myself that my wife should have been a saleswoman,because she had no problem talking these men into her bed,the coalman was about 45 yrs old and he was built like a house,he wasnt like the other two,he put her straight on the bed,pulled off her skirt,pulled her top off over her head and threw off his clothes,he got straight on top of her and drove his cock up her,he went wild,he fucked her all over the bed,he treated her rough,i thought she was going to tell him to fuck off,but the rougher he got the more she liked it,he lifted her legs up over his shoulders and rammed his cock so far up her i thought it was going to come out her mouth,he turned her over and without asking,he drove it up her arsehole,she was screaming at him,and he was shouting back at her.he shot his spunk up her,but he wasnt finished,he turned her back around and started fucking her cunt again,he came three times,and then he told her,it was the best fuck he had in years,again the towel on the landing got another batch of spunk.he left and we went to bed,i thought she had enough fucking done for one day but she had other ideas,when i layed back she got on top of me and gave me the lovliest fuck i ever had,we went to sleep and when we woke up we went at it again,i am convinced that the pain in my back is going away,another couple of weeks of my wife getting fucked,and her fucking me will soon have me back to work,look at the extra money we will have,and look at the pleasure my wife will be getting from those three cocks,and the pleasure i will be getting from her lovely wet cunt with all that spunk in her when i fuck her.i hope we dont get any more bills or else we will be exhausted after a month.