Written by Jimslip38

28 Oct 2013

My story is one of those that you think would never happen to me, I thought that until it did.

My next door neighbour has a 19 year old daughter who always dresses seductively and likes to sunbath in the most skimpy stuff ever, I have had many a wank thinking about her as she is very sexy.

one day she is in the back sunbathing and I was in my kitchen behind the blinds looking at her and wanking my cock when she looked up and seen me pull away from the blind, I stayed hiding for a couple of seconds and then looked back round hoping she was looking the other way but she was not, she was right there at the window, she looked down and seen my ever decreasing cock hanging out my trousers, at that point I though "oh shit she is going to scream" but she did not she pushed me in to my kitchen and looked my right in the eye and said " mmm is that for me" I was a spluttering rec but I managed to squeeze out a yes. at that she began to stroke my cock, this began to grow at a fair old rate until it was solid, she again looked me in the eyes and said, " I am going to suck your cock and I want to taste your cum" and with that she sunk to her knees and began to suck my cock first nice and slow and then fast, it did not take me long to grant her wish and I exploded in her mouth, I was so excited my knees were wobbling like mad but she kept sucking until my cock was soft and my cum was all in her mouth. she swallowed the lot. she stood up put my cock inside my trousers and said "next time just ask" and walk away. I have not had the bottle to ask since. but one day maybe