Written by unknown

12 Apr 2008

This story is true and I still masturbate regularly over what happened in 2001 in August

We married in 1994 and 4 years later my wife told me she was bi-curious so we agreed the rules...she could play and I would watch.Anna,my wife was 34 in 2001...an ex photographic model...5ft 7 ,natural 36EE Boobs,blonde,shaven and very beautiful.

Our sex life was varied and she met and had a girlfriend...Marie for 2 years making love once a month ,I was always there.When we fantasised we always talked about Karen and Phil....our 25 year old friends....they were the couple we wanted.We knew just knew they felt the same.Since this first time we see them 2/3 times per year.

Phil had been a friend of mine for 15 years and he had always fancied Anna...he was godfather to our first child.The first time we met Karen was at the races....6 months before our first time.She was a fitness instructor,5ft 11...blonde,long hair and small boobs but great bum and legs....only 19 20 years younger than Phil...I with my wife fantasised about her 2 weeks after we had met her.

Phil regularly wanked about Anna,he had always fancied her and had seen her topless many times.6 or so months earlier we went down to our London flat for a boys weekend.We got pissed and he was the first person I told that Anna was bi-sexual.That night I left him up watching videos that I had made of Anna and Marie....he wanked all night.

5 months later 3 months before our first experience they joined us in St Tropez for a weeks holiday.I had asked Phil if he had told Karen about Anna and he had.....they both wanked about my wife.

It was hot in France in May....Karen came down to the pool in a bikini that first morning...it was her legs...long tanned legs that stunned Anna and I.Legs that in 3 months time would be double ending a 20 inch dildo.My wife was already by the pool and you could see them eying each other...Karens legs and Annas massive boobs held in her bikini.That night we fantasised about having sex with Karen and Phil.Anna knew that Phil had a big cock as she and his first wife had been friends.I had watched his wide 10 inch cock wanking that night in London.My cock is fat about 8 inches but Phil had the biggest cock I had ever seen.

The next day we went down to a famous beach bar on Pampellone beach....we left at 11 and came back 12 hours later.The girls were in bikinis and both got the treatment from the wealthy Italians.After we had eaten we went to the bar and both girls ended up dancing with 10 or so other beauties.Anna was sprayed by the barman.Her nipples were erect and a Dutch girl dancing behind her eased her bikini off revealing the biggest and best natural boobs on show.The looks.Karen took her bikini off revealing shapely small pert boobs.Phils cock stood out and both girls noticed.They both went to the toilet and later in the holiday I found out that they hugged in the cubicle and Karen felt Annas tits for the first time....curiosity.Later that evening we heard them fucking....horny.

My wife wanted Karen and Phils cock.....we planned the moment....wanked about it and I told Phil.....Karen wanted Anna but it would be her first time.In early August we invited them to a black tie dinner and booked two rooms at a top hotel....ours was a massive suite.....we were nervous but horny....this would be the first time with a couple....Anna told me she would tit wank ,suck but not fuck Phil....I could only lick and kiss Karen...orders!!!

After we checked in Anna had a long bath and shaved her pussy....I watched her dress....see thro black bra,tiny g,high heels and a short dress...black just above her knees.....what legs.I had wanked twice a day for weeks about this night.....we found out later so had they.

I put 6 truth or dares in the bowl screwed up ready for a game later....we only got to number 4!!!!

Karen was in a short white dress...no bra or panties...in heels she was 6 ft 4.......I wanted her....I was hard...the pill had worked.We all knew what was about to happen but the evening draggedon...auctions and all.Then it was time.....they went to their room and we agreed to meet in our suite in 10 mins.

We poured champagne and waited....then the knock...at last and we all sat down....Karen had never kissed a girl.

I took control....control freak used to watching and serving.I asked everyone to sit opposite each other around the round glass table...I could not take my ekes off her legs....21 years younger and gorgeous.It was 1am....we were still up 12 hours later.

I gave everyone a coin.....odd one had to take an item of clothing off.....we all agreed to have 6 items....Anna had 3 ,Karen had 1....her dress.Anna lost the first 3 and was down to high heels bra and g.....she stood up to take her dress off slowly leaving see thro panties and summer bra with her nipples just huge,her breasts massive .....as she stood up you could see Phils cock erect bursting thro his black tie....no touching.My wife sat down and we all lost hands....Phil was down to his undies his cock sticking out the top.

Then it happened....Anna lost 2 throws....took her g and then her bra...game over.

She went under the table,got my cock out and sucked it....I was erect.Karen did the same but she could not take all Phils cock.As she bent down her arse was tiny her pussy just a thin line...what a body.

The girls were gigling and Anna took Karen into the bedroom and closed the door....we were naked and sat and waited.10 mins later and we were treated to a lingerie show....4 or so outfits.Later I learnt they had enjoyed their first kiss and Karen kissed Annas boobs....she loved them.....Phil and I just wanked as the girls,total opposites put on a show.

Anna could not keep her eyes off my best mates cock.

She then took over on the couch.....kissing each other,then the 3 double ended....Karen coud not take the big one....tightest pussy.I then took karen into the bedroom and showed her our srap on....10 inches.....with the door closed she looked at herself in the mirror....fantastic.For 4 years I had not touched Annas girlfriends....we had agreed Karen would be the first...the first in 6 years....it was only later that we enjoyed our first kiss.6ft 4 naked massive cock that my wife loved.

She walked in and my wife was on the sofa kissing and olding the biggest cock she had ever seen....Ijust watched as she took most of it....Karen sat next to her with an equally big cock.....two ,one in each hand.....what a night xx