Written by angel1

13 Apr 2009

Me and my hubby were having a small break in Blackpool and had been in a few bars this particular day.at about midnight we were in a club near the sea front and it was quite busy and loud.we were quite drunk but having a great laugh.at some point i went to the toilet and on coming out noticed a few guys near the door giving myself and other unsuspecting ladies the whistle and other light hearted comments.i joined back with jay,and jokingly said,you best be kind to me tonight as i have some admirers.with that he snogged me then said go on then,i dare you.knowing hes always had a fantasy of me with other men,i knew exactly wat he ment.i was shocked at first,then started to feel kind of turned on and slowly walked near to where these guys were.thinking how was i to approach them on this subject.well,that never mattered because as soon as i was near them,just like any hot blooded male they started there w

histleling again,so i went over to them and started to have a little joke with then.i was very flirty with them and it seemed to work.one of them gently grabbed my hand and before i knew it was outside the club behind some beachhuts.i only had on a skirt white top and thongs no bra,he pushed me against a hut,ripped my thongs off,then started to finger my pussy till it was soaked.he then dropped his jeans and fed a massive cock slowly in my pussy,then starded to ram it in and

out faster and harder for what seemed ages.i felt him empty his load deep inside me and it felt awsome.he pulled out and i was just about to straighten my skirt out when another one of the lads bent me foward and shoved his cock up my spunked filled pussy.he did not take long to c

um in me too.i felt so horny now so i left them with no under wear on and rushed back to jay so he could finish me off...