Written by truescorpio

19 Jan 2008

Sam and I had been friends for a while. Ever since she started going out with my friend Michael and he'd introduced me, I'd had a crush on her. 21 years old, Sam was your typical girl next door type - big eyes, big smile, big boobs, big curvy ass! Ok, so her figure was hardly the model type, but it didn't matter, there was something about her seemingly innocent prettiness which made her irresistibly fuckable. Still, although it wouldn't have been like me to make any moves on my friends girl, I could never resist flirting outrageously with her whenever we were together, and I could always tell that she liked the attention.

A couple of years went by and I never thought too much of our relationship - she was a sweet friend who I fantasised about sometimes (well, a lot) and nothing more. But then her relationship with Michael began to turn sour"¦nice guy though he was, he always had a tendency to neglect his relationships in favour of his own pursuits. One night, Sam gave me call to ask me over - they'd officially split and she needed someone to talk to"¦well who was I to say no, right?

When I turned up at her flat I could see she was down, her eyes were puffy and her voice was quiet. We went into the living room and she poured her heart out to me about her feelings for Michael and how she felt he'd never really appreciated her. She started to cry, so I put my arms around her and told her I didn't get it either, I mean, a girl as lovely as her deserved to be treated so much better. She embraced me back and squeezed me tight, and I couldn't help myself, I felt that aching blood rush, and my cock was solid as a rock within seconds, and as I was pressed right against her I knew she could feel it too. She moved her head back and looked straight into my eyes, I felt awkward and embarrassed thinking she was about to throw me out"¦

"¦she didn't, instead, she leaned forward and kissed me softly, and the feeling was electric. A few minutes ago this would have been the last thing on my mind, yet now it felt so natural - I'd waited so long for this moment and melted into it with shameless delight. I pulled Sam close into me, and felt her heart pounding as our tongues slipped deep into each others mouths. My cock was aching at this point and I could already feel the warm pre-cum beginning to seep from me, so I manoeuvred her so she was sitting my lap, sunk my fingers into her ass cheeks and ground her down onto my bulge, hearing her sigh and gasp with desperate pleasure.

The aching was too much, I had to get my throbbing cock out before it burst. I reached down and quickly undid my zip and buttons, and my toy exploded from its confinement, Sam giggling with excitement as she laid eyes on it for the first time. As she took me in her hand and began to masturbate me slowly, gently, perfectly, I looked at her girlish face and confessed how long I'd dreamed about doing this with her - she simply smiled back and said she'd fantasised about me many a time herself, before sliding my jeans down and taking me into her warm, gentle mouth. I sighed with pleasure as her lips and tongue slid back and forth over my blood engorged tip, Sam was every bit as amazing as I'd always dreamed of.

As I lay back, loving every second of the experience, Sam looked up at me with those big round eyes and gave me a cheeky smile. I knew I couldn't last much longer like this, so I asked her to lie down on the floor so I could repay the favour - and she didn't need asking twice! Kissing her soft lips once more, I ran my way down her chin and neck, licking and nibbling as I went, relishing the gentle sighs and gasps this elicited from her. As I slowly began to undo the buttons of her top I could already feel her beautiful breasts ready to burst forth from her bra, and as her clothes fell away one by one again I felt the blood rush to my cock and I squeezed those gorgeous boobs together and teased her swollen nipples with my tongue and teeth as she ran her nails up and down my back. I could have just lay there nibbling them forever, but my desperate desire to taste her sweetness forced me further down her soft body to her jeans. I began to chuckle like a kid opening his birthday presents as I undid them and began to slide them down along with her thong, and I saw her bite her lip in anticipation of the upcoming thrill. But before I could go down on her she decided to tease me! Placing her hands between her legs and shutting them up tight she started to rock back and forth ah ah ahhhing me, but I knew how to break down those defences! A few gentle kisses to her inner thighs were all it took, and Sam let out a loud moan as those legs swung nice and wide, inviting me in"¦

I almost drooled at the site of her pussy, already glistening with honey and her blood swollen clit atop. I leaned in and wrapped my whole mouth around it, licking and kissing passionately, relishing its musky sweet flavour and Sams cries of helpless excitement. It was too much, I had to fuck her and I had to fuck her now! Vaulting up on top of her, our eyes locked and we paused for a second"¦and that was all, for my cock was already in my hand and she guided me in "˜oh god fuck me!' she cried, and fuck her I did. With a deep, fast rhythm we ground against each other, her pussy felt so tight and hot around my cock as I pumped it balls deep into her. We were both breathing deep and hard now, but Sam was no longer crying out. Instead she looked up at me for a second, then pulled me forward into another deep, passionate kiss, the feeling was beautiful, and I felt the pressure rising in my balls as our tongues played in each others mouths - the time had come. We broke off our kiss and began to bring it home - we began to fuck harder and faster, hearts pounding, skin sweating, Sam rocked her head back and howled as her pussy clenched my cock like a warm wet vice. I couldn't take it any longer "˜Sam, open your mouth!' I gasped as I withdrew, Sam was up like a bolt with not a second to spare as I exploded into her gentle mouth, and I cried out as I did so. The orgasm seemed to last forever, bang bang bang one explosion after another.

I gasped as I looked at Sam, we were both red faced and sweating, and she had my cum all around her mouth as she giggled at me. I pulled her into me and kissed her one more time - the whole experience had been brief and frantic, but also wonderful. We laughed and joked with one another as we got dressed and cleaned up, and I promised Sam anytime she has something to get off her chest I'd be more than happy to come listen, after all - that's what friends are for, right?