Written by Annon

31 Mar 2014

After been made redundant last year I still kept in touch with some old work colleagues which consisted mainly of women and using the local social network sites went on a few nights out with them which mainly ended up snogging and nothing else. Then out of the blue I was contacted by a women whom I can only describe as someone who was out of my league and I never thought anything would happen who asked to meet up. We did and after a nice meal and a few drinks we ended up back at her place. I went in the kitchen and sat down thinking nothing was gonna come out of this when this women ( who we will call Louise) said she was nipping to the loo and won't be long.... I just took a sip of coffee when she walked back into the kitchen wearing only her knickers and nothing else.. My cock was rock hard by now and she approached me stood in front of me and grabbed my cock through my trousers. Without saying a word she got on her knees pulled it out and sucked it long and hard and god it felt amazing. I told her that the rate she was going I would come but she continued and I was right a huge eruption emanating from the base of my balls surged through me and into her gob.. She stood up and kissed me full on the mouth mixing my spunk into each of our mouths god it was horny. After a while she told me to strip which I did and before long sat there naked watching Louise peel her knickers down and watched her play with herself and it wasn't long before I was hard again to wich she told me to lie on the floor where upon she straddled me and sat n my face rubbing her cunt over my nose and mouth god she was dripping wet and I was loving it. Wanking my cock she knelt forward and sat down over it and we continued to fuck all night and the next day and I filled her up with as much spunk as I could produce.....I visited my old place a couple of days later and saw Louise working and she stilled looked delicious