Written by jongee

5 Mar 2011

Some years ago whilst serving in Germany my first wife and I became friends with another couple who lived in the same quarters area. We had kids of the same age etc and got on really well. At this time our unit was away from base a lot of the time and it was during these absences that the friendship between the wives developed into a sexual relationship. They didn't hide it from us men and even wrote us letters describing their activities in great detail.

When we got back they continued the relationship. eventually after letting each of us men watch them in action it developed into threesomes. The wives would arrange which of us would take part and the odd man out did the baby sitting.

This situation went on for a couple of years untill the kids were old enough to go off to summer camp.

While they were away we went over to Ann & Daves for a barbecue, this of cause involved a quantity of alcohol and so as the evening wore on we went inside to continue the party. Dave put the video on and we all settled down to watch a bit of porn. After a while the wives decided to adjurn to the bedroom for some girl on girl fun leaving me and dave watching the porn. I could see it was having an effect on dave as he was continually having to adjust himself in his jeans. After a while I suggested to him that he take his cock out and sort himself out. He said no he was ok so I asked him if he minded if I did, "what take you cock out" he asked. "no" I said "yours" He looked shocked and said that he wasn't gay. "neither am I " I said, but I am curious as to what it feels like to play with another blokes cock.

I pointed out that our wives were at it inthe bedroom and they wern't gay either and told him he didnt have to touch me and that I would stop at any time if he didn't like it. After a bit more discussion he eventually said ok.

We both got ourselves another beer and settled back on the sofa watching the porn again. When the film got to a good hot bit I slowly reached out and started to softly rub his crotch through his jeans. He made no move to stop me so I continued, it was suprisingly exiting to feel his hardness and the heat of his cock. E ventually I undid his jeans and continued to carress his cock and balls through the material of his briefs. Still no objections so I slipped my hand into his briefs and felt a tingle as I felt the flesh of his cock in my hand. After a couple of minutes I tried to ease him out of his briefs and was pleased when dave eased himself slightly off the sofa so I could get his jeans and briefs down to his knees. During all of this Dave kept his eyes firmly on the porn saying nothing, but now I had his cock out in the open I saw him glance down to watch my hand stroking his cock and carressing his balls. I then saw him glancing at the bulge in my jeans as if trying to make his mind up. Suddenly he grabbed at my jeans fratically undoing them and pulling my jeans and briefs down, he grabbed my cock and began to masturbate me so vigorously that I had to stop him and ask him to take it slowly. So we now sat there not really masturbating but stroking each others cock and balls. Then the wives came back in and Dave panicked and tried to hide what we were doing,too late, Ann after making a couple of jokes about how good the porn must have been asked us to carry on so she and pam could watch. Dave didn't want to but she pointed out that we had watched them often enough. So Dave and I continued our mutual masturbation this time under the close observation of our wives who were soon touching each other up again on the other sofa.

Then things got serious! After some whispering with Ann Pam announced that they wanted to see us suck each other off. Dave didn't want to know but I said I would give it a go. Getting Dave to stand in front of me I started to lick and suck the head of his cock, it felt good so I took in as much of his shaft as I could. After a minute or so Ann told Dave that he had to take a turn so we swapped places and after more encouragement from the wives Dave started to suck on my cock. Looking across I could see our wives frantically figering each other as they watched us. Pam then asked us to get in a 69 so Dave and I got down on the floor and went to it. It wasnt long before Dave pulled out of my mouth saying he was about to come. I told hin to put it back and to come in my mouth, with renewed vigour I continued to suck on Daves cock. I felt his cock start to twitch then he shot his load into my mouth, as he did my own cock erupted in a massive orgasm filling his mouth. Our wives went crazy, rushed over kissing and licking us both clean.

After a period of recovery and with lots of encouragement from our wives we all got down to some regular sex, swapping wives untill exhausted and inebriated we fell asleep. Thats it really, we had threesomes and occasional foursomes after that untill postings sepperated us, but never anything like that again and none of us ever mentioned it.

I now have a different wife, fortunately she too is BI so who knows I might get another chance.