Written by jaysay

14 Aug 2009

My man was out in town boys nite out I was home alone contemplatin an early night when the texts started " come pick me up babe plz" at first I said no after about 20 texts n no sleep I gave in! I was waiting in town getting arsed off cos he wasn't were he said he'd be n then I saw him, pissed ,dancin in the road he looked so hot how cud I still be mad at him?

He got in the car I was wearin a skirt n low cut T, he kissed me full on the lips n thrust his hand between my legs, when we stopped at the lights he ripped off my panties his fingers probing into my shaven wet pussy I continued to drive til I cud no more, I put my hazards on stopped under the street lights road side n with the night traffic passing by opened up to him. He rubbed my pussy til I came on his fingers... I cud feel his hard cock fightin to get out of his pants but we had all nite he cud wait!

But I cudn't wait! Half way home after more groping we had to stop a more secluded spot this time. He took his pants down n I got over him rubbing my swollen clit against his throbbin cock, then I went down takin all of him in my mouth suckin his cock greedily, I moved up him sittin over his face while he fingered my arsehole givin me my second come of the nite, play time continued for about 2 hours then I really needed to feel his hardness comin inside me I climbed on board n ground my wet, shaven pussy down onto his perfect cock until he cud hold back no more he held me tight as he came deep into my wetness. When he pulled out I went down on him again n licked him clean I cud taste my juice & his on his cock as it glistened under the moon light, who says romance is dead....Best taxi ever n no meter running ;-))XX