Written by creamlick69

8 Oct 2009

Now the last story ended with my wife and the workman having just finished having by what looked like a very energetic session in our bed, and I had come home to find her lying in bed waiting for me after only just finishing with him, to my absolute delight she pulled back the quilt to reveal that her fanny was very red and swollen and his cum was running from down onto our bed, with a single finger she dipped the cum in her fanny and said "cum taste this its very fresh", at which point I could nt hold back, I just had to have my wife now, but I wasnt allowed, first I had to watch what they had done on the camcorder.

To my surprise the camcorder was still running and had 1hr and 18mins on the timer, so we put it back to the start and watched as this man and my wife climb on our bed, stripped each other and as my wife took his cock into her mouth, a secret smile at the camera just for me. Now I would say that my cock was slightly above average in size, but this mans cock was about the same thickness as my wrist, but not to long, my wife could just about fit it in her mouth. I knew then that was why my wifes fanny was so swollen looking, this big thick cock had been smashing her so hard that she would of really enjoyed her session with him, ( I must admit I felt quite insecure that she was enjoying her time with the builder more than she would with me, and that he had a very thick cock which also I could see was exciting the hell out of her).

After a few mins of the both pleasing each other with oral, my wife looks him in the eye and says "I have done nothing all weekend but think of you putting that monster in me again, I couldnt even feel my husband in me, after you finished fucking me." this seemed to really excite him with the thought of me going in after him and my wife not even feeling me, "didnt he know what you had been upto then!" says the workman, " What even with all my cum in you." My wife smiles at him and says "That I didnt notice it was mans cum and said that she was feeling very horney,and had been playing with herself waiting for me to come and lick her and taste her cum, and that she had sat on my face and made me clean every last single drop of his cum out of her fanny".

Now this spurred him into a frenzy and pumped is thick cock into my wife, and said " Make your husband eat this!". I sat and watched as this monster cock smashed her for the next 40 mins before finally pumping his seed into her very swollen fanny, now the timer on the camcorder says 1hr and 6mins as the workman gets up and gets dressed and finally leaves at 1hr 10mins.

Cutting that a bit fine I said to my wife, "I hoped you was going to catch us and watch him fucking me" said my wife, "Now clean me up, but be gentle Im sore", now I licked this mans seed out of her, which again to my amazement tasted very sexy and could feel the puffyness of her lips and clit,but more so the size of her fanny hole which was much bigger than normal. So I put my cock in her and yes it was true I could hardly feel her, my wife just smiled and said " Are you in yet? shall I get him back now, so you can see how a real big thick cocked man fucks me." Now this drives me wild and I just want to fill her up, but she looks me in the eye and says " Im sore and I cant feel you in me yet so put your little dick in, and fill me up with cum".

Next time im going to hide in our dressing room and watch as this man fucks m wife.