Written by dobin

25 Apr 2011

I was invited to a swing party a couple of years ago by a good friend from work, we stumbled on our interest of swinging just by chatting over a pint one evening and he introduced me to his sexy girlfriend, Shannon (shaz) who was very into it all. On the night, I arranged to be away from home on a golf trip so the night was mine, when I arraived at the house there was nobody there but Al was getting stuff ready, a porn DVD 2 matresses in the lounge on the floor and some sexy lighting, with armchairs and sofas all around the edge of the room, it looked like a waiting room.

Shaz arrived and greeted me like a long lost frind with a tongue kiss to get me going, she was ready as hell but also sad nobody had arrived. We needen’t have worried because couples started to arrive soon after and 6 or 7 couples were now dotted around the lounge on the cumfy chairs, all chatting and I helped serving drinks to them all, it looked like a typica; afternoon tea party with the chat nothing about sex at all. Al wandered in and flicked on the DVd and gradually the room quietened to see a huge cock being sucked off on screen, the lights were dimmed and there was a tension that was hard to explain, but then Shaz came in, she wore a totally see through top and no bra which showed her wonderful tits off, a mini skirt that did nothing to hide the fact she was also knickerless. She went to a guy sitting with his wife and asked if he liked the film, he said yes and she put her hand on his cock and said..mmm you are enjoying it aren’t you, manipulating his zip down with her arse sticking in the air, she soon had him in hand with his wife watching as she bent down to suck him.

Her arse on view was just too much for me as her pussy was now fully exposed so I went behind her to feel just how excited she was, a jump from her as I fingered her hole told me all I wanted to know so I dropped my trousers and went in there and then, this seemed to start the room going and suddenly every man had their trousers off and women had tits exposed. I son stripped off and now Shaz turned on me and took me to a 2 seater settee, she laid me back in it and jumped onto my cock in seconds, she rode me as I played with her tits for what seemes ages but there was now so much action that we both siad come on lets have fun and jumped into the group. I was able to find the wife of the man she had wanked off and took her knickers off and got her onto one end of a matress on the floor, I fucked her as she took the cock of another guy deep in her mouth, gagging and loving the cock attention.

By now everybody was naked, Al had been inside at least 3 of the women and was now banking Shaz like hell, I had 4 more to fuck for a full house, There was a scream and we all looked round as shaz was about to drain the spunk from a guy as Al was doggy fucking her, he soon shot his thick creamy load all over her face and she lapped to try and get as much in her mouth as possible, that was the first of many cums but I was holding on well. A rather quiet lady was watching in the corner armchair and I went to sit with her, she was a bit shy and I got her to sit on my lap as we chatted and I played with her tits, she said she didn’t like doing it in the room with all the others and would I go upstairs with her, well what could I say, as we went out of the room she spoke to her husband and he nodded and off we went, she was lovely with a wonderful fit body and I lay on the bed with her kissing and cuddling and making her feel at ease, toucher her and eventually fingering her cunt. She responded so well that I opened her legs wide and climbed between them, as my cock touched her cunt lips she shuddered and orgasmed there and then, she reached down and grabbed my cock and slowly used it to rub her clit and then put it in that special place ready to push deep inside her, but I held back and she whispered … fuck me you horny cunt.. to which I drove home hard and deep to yet another full orgasm. We fucked for ages, swapping places, her on top once and her hubby looked in to ask if she was ok, seeing her sweating and riding my cock he didn’t need her to answer in fact I do not think she knew he was there the look on her face was so intense. Shaz cam in and joined us as both girls sucked at my cock and then they started kissing and then I realised I was in for a one man lesie show, the 2 girls were so horny they licked and sucked and finger fucked each other till both came in torrents as I sat back wanking at the amazing sight in front of me.

The then rounded on me and said the both want some spunk…. In their cunts, wow that’s a tall order spunking in both but fuck it lets try, I laid the wife lady down ( I never did know her name) and went for it, ramming my cock into her hard as Shaz squeezed my balls gently and watched me going in, it didn’t take long before I was pumping what felt like a gallong of thick creamy spunk inside wifey and I duly collapsed by her side as Shaz went down on her to feast on the spunk, wifey started to suck at my cock trying to get me ready and Shaz joined her until I had achieved a good sized stiff which was soon buried into her cunt doggy style again but so that she could like wifeys cunt as I rammed home. It took quite a while but soon I felt the sap rising and was pumping my jism in Shaz’s cunt as wifey had yet another orgasm from Shaz’s attention, but now wifey wanted to lick my cum out of Shazza’a hole and I was happy to watch, at one point with a mouth full of creamy spunk mixed with Shazzas juices, she kissed me deeply and shared …

We all went down to the room which had quietened down a bit and not a hard on in sight so Shaz did her rounds of all the men and soon there were hard ons all round. I was still missing one woman who I hadnt fucked, number 7, I went and sat with her and asked if she had enjoyed herself, she said she had but needed a good sized cock now to finish the night off, she stated playing with mine and was very impressed with it, taking the tip in her mouth she was very gentle and my hardness went to rock stiff!!, she asked if I was staying all night and said hold on, she went to speak to her partner who agreed she could stay too and as it was late we bade our goodnights to everybody and left the room still naked and went to my bedroom. Number 7 was very sexy with large boobs and an amazingly thin waist making her boobs look massive, she had a shaved cunt as yet I had not even felt it and she knew what she wanted. We climbed into the bed and she turned her back to me as my cock ran up the crack of her arse, opening her legs she soon guided me in her cunt for a long slow comfortable fuck, but she moved forward and I popped out, trying to get back, she reaches under her and takes my cock and rubs it up and down her arse till I got the idea she wanted anal sex. My cock was soaking from her cunt so I tried to push in without any extra lube and it soon gave way to me and I was there puming my cock into her arse right top the hilt, she was cumming and cumming like anything and screaming for me to fuck her arse harder and harder.

She did stay all night and apart from Shaz and Al joining us in the middle of the night for some 4 way fumbling and more sex, I was able to arse fuck No 7 almost the whole night, shooting my spunk up her once in the night and then again in the early morning. This was also the first time another man had sucked me off fully which I quite enjoyed and so did the girls as they watched.

I still see No 7 and we fuck regular, I go to her house and hubby watches telly in the same room as we shag, he loves it but never joins in.