Written by unknown

30 Mar 2008

my wifes mate alice who is a very smart mid 50,s married woman who has only ever been with her hubby and she is 5ft 7" with dirty fair hair in a bop she is very thin with wot looked as if no tits but as i found out one day when we met to discuse how i had been accussed of fucking her by my wife as we had a drink and a smoke she said as if i would even do it with her as she knew i did not fancy an old girl like her i told her i had a picture in my head of wot she was like naked and told her of it she said i was very close only she was very bushy not trimmed i took an erection as isaid to her that she was now my ideal fantasy but she would not be kinky enough for me as i loved dirty talk also as iasked if her nipples wher hard due to her getting horny as i could see her looking at my hard dick in my jeans and wot was the biggest she ever saw as mine was over 8" long fuck she said no way lok i said showing her as it popped out she just looked in amazment as i made a move to kiss her at first she said to me no but i could tell she was horny and said this to her as i ran my hand up her thigh to her clit that was so wet her gusset was drenched as i felt her hairs at her knickers edges saying she had some bush and could i see it as i kissed her she reacted saying it was wrong as she groaned as i fingered her as i put her hand on my freed cock she then lay back opening her legs saying to me aswe kissed our tounges darting into each others mouths oh kenny fuck me i want you up me as i eased up her she moaned as she bucked like a youngster saying go on fuck me as she opened her top to reveal small sagging tits with very dark nipples as i gave her it in all positions she told me my wife told her to fuck me and tell her