Written by unknown

27 Mar 2008

we hired a sunbed for our holidays and kay was on it all the time she always seemed horny after her session on the sunbed so we fucked all the time. i mentioned it to my friends at work about hiring the sunbed and john said could he use it sometime when we were'nt using it i said no problem. i mentioned this to kay and she seemed ok with it , anyway what she didn't know john was the works casanova he was into everyone he could, anyway one day i said to john go over to mine in your dinner time i'll give you the key kay will probibly be out but she knows your going to use it knowing damn well she would be in and probibly on it herself as the youngest would be at play school she normally used it around 12'ish. when i went home that evening i said to kay john came over at dinner time she said i know i told him to go upstairs and use it, i could see her smiling to herself so later thet night in bed i asked her did he try anything with her, she said no but she did peek in and watch him on it she said he had a big cock and she was wet and was rubbing herself while watching and after he went she said she got her toys out and frigged herself all afternoon, so i decided she needed to fuck john so i said to john the next day go on it again tomorrow as it's your day off i'll arrange with kay if you say what time anyway kay was in waiting for him coming she pretended to be on it herself and said give me 5 mins as i'm just finishing off she lay there and could see him looking through the balcony at her so when it was time to come off she just put a robe around her and said it's your turn i'm off in the shower she could hear john undressing and walked past in a towel knocking to say she'd left something in the room john said ok i'm on the sunbed though but ill cover up before he could kay walked in and bent over to gewt her things and purposly let the towel fall to the floor as her arse was in his face she turned and said oops sorry she noticed he had a hard on and said watch that does'nt burn and started to leave the room. back in the shower the curtain was pulled to one side and john was standing there he climbed in and started touching her all over she said he had long fingers which went straight up her cunt and started sucking her wet tits she cum straight away he lifted her out the shower and went back into the room lay her on the bed and started to go down on her she cum again and he stood up and put his big cock into her mouth she sucked him off he withdrew saying i'm coming and kay took him back into her mouth and didn't spill a drop he then arsed fucked her and shot his load up her arse and they fucked most of the afternoon she was still full of cum when i got home and licked her dry. after that john often asked if he could use the sunbed not knowing it was kay he was wanting to lie on she did fuck another friend as well but thats another story