Written by Dobin

2 Aug 2017

With the short but very warm weather over the past few weeks i managed to get some serious tanning done, i have a large garden with a summerhouse and its generally very secluded, so first chance i get, off come the clothes, oil up and lie back. the sun has an odd effect and its never that long before i get a hard on and have to give it a good feel with an oily hand....

The bottom of the garden has some big trees and undergrowth that give the privacy, i had been doing the sunbathing for about 3 days, and on the 3rd day i thought i heard someone in the tree area and after a short while i could make out someone clearly standing watching me, once i established that the viewer was female, but only seeing a shapely body, no face, which was hidden by the trees.

Assuming she was looking at me naked i started to wank which seemed to interest her and she moved a little closer, after a while i could see her hand was now inside her shorts and clearly joining in the wank fun. soon she went and i hoped she would be back. the next day, i had put my subbed in a much better place to see her if she came again, and she would get a better view of me too. it wasn't long before she stood there and again i used the oil on my cock and she also was more openly wanking.

She walked forward to see better and i was able to recognise her as the wife in the house in the next road, her garden backed onto mine with the trees as barrier. she clearly came but didn't go so i pulled hard and shot a healthy creamy spunk up my belly, watching this she slightly buckled and had i think cum again. then just went.

the next day, the similar thing but this time i got up and spoke to her, she was shocked and embarrassed but she chatted. I asked if she liked what she saw and she said it was amazing, so i asked if she would join me. Helping her through the bushes my cock stiff as hell, i took her hand and walked her to my sunbed and pulled another one by her side. I asked if she wanted to be naked too and she said she was shy, i laughed but she started to strip off, first showing a lovely pair of tits with very hard nipples and i realised she was horny as hell, her shorts followed standing up and bending over as they fell down showing me a shaved bulging slightly red pussy. i was now fully hard and she watched then reached over to do the deed for me, her lovely little hand hardly going around the shaft, she moved next to me on my bed and i felt those tits, then brave i dropped my hand onto her pussy and her legs opened fully to give me access. She was soaking wet and fingers just slipped in easy, then she bent over slipping my cock into her mouth and her position gave me a good feel over her arse and cunt. she started to talk and said she had watched me every day i was there and got braver, she just simply said "do you want to fuck me"? geeez did i and i grabbed her hand and took her to the house and bedroom, to be honest i was so horny i literally threw her on the bed and rammed my cock into her and fucked her till i shot my load. She was amazing and we hugged for ages telling me she wanted to watch my spunk fly, it was that which made her cum...so she worked on my dick till i was stiff again and after a while i could feel the sap rising and aimed the load on her face... she screamed as it pumped out and came quite violently...

we have fucked three times now but she likes to play at the watching bit it is her turn on. and mine