Written by mrpeebody

10 Mar 2013

Hi very new to all this but would like to relate my first experience of watching my wife with another gent

it was summer 08

We are an average couple me now 50 wife 44 our sex life is good and varied and must admit i enjoy it when other guys look at my wife and id often fantasized about seeing her with another guy as im sure most men do

We had a weeks holiday and as the weather was good decided to spend at home getting few jobs done and enjoying the sun

on day 2 i had been to town and on my return di was in the garden clad in her bikini and soaking up the rays as was norm for a sun worshiper

I aproached her and couldnt resist grabbing her ass through her bikini ,then looking up i noticed eric watching me ,

Eric was our neighbour who did a little gardening for us ,retired about 62 and lived alone after the death of his wife

Feeling a bit horny i started touching her again as he watched ,she was a little reluctant but i knew she loved the idea as we had often talked about it

Taking a long shot i said to di why dont you tease him ,i agreed to go indoors so he didnt get put off ,she reluctantly agreed and i went in and to the bedroom window ,she stared very slowly just opening her legs a little and rubbing in sun oil

i watched and noticed he didnt take his eyes off her and moved a little closer to her , i must dmit i was getting exited by now at the prospect of this situation ,then all of a sudden she must have called him over as he walked up to her

Minutes later nd to my amazement he picked up the oil and began to rub into her back ,have to admit i was so exited to see this old boy touching my wife and had a squeez of my cock inside my shorts

he took his time and i knew she was enjoying his touch as i could see her pressing herself into the sunbed

I watched on as he stroked at her body and on a couple of occasions got close to her boobs as she lay on them

he moved to her legs and i could hardly contain my excitement and just knew i had to go back outside so wandering back to the garden i sat down near them ,he shot a glance over to me and i just nodded , he carried on and i was amazed how brave she was getting as he slowly worked on the back of her legs ,she could hardly keep still at this time as she wiggled into the mattress ,i know from experience she would be desperate to be touched now , things got better and she rolled over and asked him to do her tummy and front of legs ,again he looked at me and i laughed and replied help yourself

This seemed to spur the old sod on and s he smeared oil into her belly he got dangerously close to her boobs and i could see how hard her nipples had gone with all the attention she was getting

I was willing him on in my mind and in a moment of madness i motioned to her to undo her bikini top , she immediately did and he was strait to her tits with his oily hand and as soon as he brushed over her nipple she gave out a little moan and i saw her hips raise slightly , i knew this was going too far and also knew i wanted it to , i was rock hard in my shorts at what was happening in front of my eyes

She was getting worked up now and i watched as she opened her legs for him to see ,her bikini bottoms were visibly damp and she was opening and closing her legs faster as he worked on her sensitive nipples

Then she shocked me and almost gasped to me please let him .i had a lump in my throat and just nodded to her ,she quickly guided his hand down towards her bikini bottoms and he wasted no time in touching her hole through her bikini ,she could barely keep still now and was grinding her hips up towards his hand ,i watched closely as he hooked his fingers into her bottoms and must have rasped his knuckles across her hole , she twisted at his touch and and i couldnt believe how close she was to orgasm

I had long since taken out my cock and was stroking along with them as this old bastard was actually masturbating my wife in front of my eyes

he peeled her bottoms down and i saw him rub the back of his hand over her sensitive clit ,i knew she would be desperate to have something inside her now as she squirmed on his hand and then it happened ,he slid his thumb into her open cunt as i watched her twist hard on her own nipple fucking up at his hand like a dog as she began to orgasm , she grabbed at his cock through his trousers as she let out a moan and shuddered her way to orgasm , i had cum where i sat ,shooting my load onto the grass finding it hard to believe what i had just witnessed as my wife lay there shuddering at this old boys touch

That night in bed was the best sex we had and talked bout nothing else for many weeks

Eric was involved on one other occasion t xmas party we held where a little too much drink was consumed

that was the start of my addiction to watching my lovely wife with strangers and we still enjoy now and hope to for many years

sorry if this story is so long but the memory is so strong for me

if anyone is interested in hearing more please dont hesitate to get in touch

i love recollecting our encounters and get as turned on writing them as i did watching them happen