Written by fingerlickngood

28 Mar 2012

it all started the day of St.Patricks Day, we were suppose to go to the races but Hubby D was ill all night long, i was not going to go but D persuaded me to go saying you go and have a great day, there were a few of us going initially so i didn`t feel out of place we were all dressed up in our finest it was a nice dry day quite sunny, i got picked up about 12.30 and we arrived about 1pm it was packed everyone having a good time, after quite a few drinks us girls were left chatting as the guys were putting the bets on and watching the racing, we were only there for the drink and to have a laugh anyway i needed the loo and on the way there i stumbled and fell onto my knee, i was so embarresed so i picked myself up and carried on walking to the toilets there was a group of guys watching one came over and asked if i was ok i smiled and said yes just a bit embarresed on the way back they beconed me over and asked if i`d like to join them for a drink i said i was with friends they said go and bring them as well, when i mantioned it the girls were up for it the guys just watched the racing so off we went, there were 5 of us as we got there the guys invited us in they were Guinness reps having a day out they were well pissed up and the drink flowed there was some flirting but nothing out of hand as we all said we were married or had partners, as the races ended we said we had better go back as we had taxi`s booked and were going into town. one of the guys called jed said why dont you meet up later we are going into town and were from out of the area so we could show them all the best places to go. ok i said and gave him my mobile No.

about 9pm and a good few drinks later he rang by then we had all went different ways so there was only me and liz out we were getting chatted up all night being in our dresses and hats seemed to turn all the guys on but we shrugged it off as we usually do anyway we met up with the guys about 9.30 must have had my drinking goggles on by then as we met they all seemed to be rather handsome all dresses in there suits they were drinking champagne and a glass or two later it went straight to our heads i caught liz kissing & being groped by Ben and jed was making moves on me holding my hips and brushing himself agains me it turned me on and could feel myself getting quite damp down below. next thing Liz said lets go back to there Hotel for a drink i said ok but neede the loo, i rang my Hubby and asked if it was ok to stay out with Liz and i had already told him aboiut the other guys we met, he said i`m in bed you enjoy yourself so off we went, what i didn`t realise was drinks back at the hotel was in there rooms we no sooner got there and went to Jeds room and attacked the mini bar we were messing around but nothing out of hand until Liz and Ben dissapeared out of the room, jed said it`s ok they are next door in Bens room, to be honest i did`nt care i was pissed and enjoying myself too much, we lay there chatting and found my self let jed kiss me and i responded back we kissed and he had a his hand up my dress rubbing my now very wet pussy, just then we heard them banging away next door, liz and ben were really going for it, we giggled and carried on kissing and he started to run his finger up my slit and then began to finger me i was helpless and enjoying it as he kissed my neck and started to get my tits out flicking his tongue over my now hard nipples, he slid off the bed and before i knew it had my knickers down and started to lick my wet cunt i cum straight away in his face as he lapped it up, he stood up after what seemed ages eating me out and sat me up lifting my dress over my head i was now completley naked and he started to undress i could see his cock trying to burst out of his boxers when he unleashed it WOW the biggest cock i`d ever saw except in porn movies he knelt above me and started to wank himself with my breasts it was hitting my chin then he slid it into my mouth i started to gag as i could not get it all in his helmet was so big i ran my tongue around it and slowly started to suck it a bit at a time.

he had his hand fingering me as i licked his bellend i was soaking wet , he stto back up and so gently turned me over licking me from behind and now and again flicking his tongue over my arse hole which i found amazing and gushed my juices again in his face he started to rub his big cock up and down my slit entering me gently then withdrawing it again leaving me wanting him more and more i just wanted him inside me by then, he gently let me have all of him with one thrust and started slowly to fuck me harder and harder as he held my hips and arse, he exploded his hot cum deep inside me i just fell to the bed as he held my pussy open watching his cum pour out of my wet puffed up lips, i did not realise there was a knock on the door in walked Ben i was there legs wide open spunk running out of my swolled cunt then Ben went down on me and he fucked me again leaving his deposit deep inside me as well, not realising Jed was doing the same to Liz next door. we left around 4am very sheepish and giggling as we went home to our hubbys neither of them any of the wiser we had just been fucked well and good.