Written by sweeney

13 Sep 2012

sorry its been so long, but i promised to fill you in on that wee sexy episode, so here goes, well after the blindfold comes of helen and we all get freshened up a bit and some more drinks, by now im a bit tipsy as are we all i suppose, remember this is my first real sex party and im still a bit apprehensive at being with so many naked guys, especially as they are mostly bi, just me and ray havent tried playing with other cocks. i love small tits and helens are s bit smaller than liz's so i start to lick her hard nipples, now liz goes nuts when i touch hers, she's very sensitive, helens just the same, she ends up on her back on the floor with me playing with her tits, she's rubbing her pussy, then jim comes over and eats her pussy so she reaches over and starts to play with my balls, my cocks soaking with pre cum so she starts to wank me, i stop her as i can feel im going to cum again, she kneels up and pushes me onto my back on the floor, the mats a bit damp and sticky, i made a comment about it so liz went upstairs and came back with a quilt cover and a couple of big cushons,she just threw them on the floor cos by this time helens on my cock and shes bent over kissing me she ask's jim to stick his cock in her ass, he's not keen so hubby obliges, now shes not really moving much on my cock but when chris starts shagging her shes moving back and forth on my cock and jim moves rond and kneels down beside me so helen can suck his cock, then i cum despite trying not to, anyway, im now lying there, cant move because the other two are still fucking her ass and mouth, i look over and chris and ray are shagging liz, next thing hubby shouts im cumming and he pulls out and comes over helens back, then jims moaning as he cums in her mouth she swallows, now i can get up, we three get some wipes and mop up a bit, we are watching the other three and liz puts her hand out for someone to come over, chris goes up to wash his cock im knackered so jim goes over, his cock is flaccid but liz takes it in her mouth and starts sucking him and playing with his balls and arse, he gets hard again, just as chris and ray cum, chris on her back and ray up her, by this time chris comes back and we are all sitting resting, and sipping juice and drinks,talking about our sex experiences and fantassies etc, then liz says it must be my turn to suck a cock, i say not yet need some more alchohol first, so she turns to jim, he told us he's been curious for a while but not had the opportunity to do anything about it, next thing helen pulls liz over to the middle ofthe floor and they both kneel down, now us guys were not expecting this, me because i never knew if liz as been with another woman, never been mentioned, any way only helens hubby knew she was into girls as well,so helen lays liz on her back and she gets between her legs and gets right into her pussy, fuck me liz is going nuts right away, then egged on by us guys she moves round so her pussy is over liz's mouth, i go over to liz and encourage her to munch helens pussy, she doesnt need much help, she gits busy i am playing with helens tits and licking her bum hole, now im hard again so move round and as liz is still licking helens cunt i slip my cock up her, next thing the two girls cum, what a sight by the way, anyway they both lie down for a few minutes,the guys were all wanking but no-one came, dont think anyones got any spunk left, yeah right, we're just chatting,small talk,then someone picked up a pack of cards that were under the coffee table, and suggested strip poker, we all laughed as it was a bit late for that, so helen says ok we all draw a card and whoever gets the highest tells the rest what they have to do, fine sounds interesting, eh.so this goes on for a wee while, just telling each other to suck a pussy or a cock etc, nothing to deep cos were all a bit knackered, anyway its liz's turn, she tells me to lye on the floor, then helens to sit on my face, no probs, then helen starts to suck my cock, liz stops her and says,just tease him, and to keep me hard but not let me cum, ok, fine, mm next she tells the guys to pair off and wank each other, then she kneels down with her pussy over my leg, now helens still on my face i cant see whats going on, plus im to busy eating helens wet pussy,next thing liz tells ray to fuck helen, and he's to keep going until he cums up her,then she tells jim to fuck her mouth but not to cum into her mouth, hes to wait and cum up her pussy after ray, now all this time liz is playing with my cock, making sure i dont cum, fuck it feels great but a bit frustrating as well, im dying to come again, but not allowed to, not yet she says, then jim says he's nearly ready, this makes ray cum up helen, so he finnishes liz tells him to come over to her, she licks him clean, at the same time she tells jim to fuck helen till he cum in her as well, then she tells helen to suck me and keep me hard but not to let me come,yet, oh come on i say, you do as your told she barks, next she tells hubby chris, to put his cock into her mouth so she can get him ready to come in helen as well, now jim came up helen now she tells hubby to do the same, now im getting the spunk thats running out of helens pussy, she comes now as well, shes told to sit up and let me lick her pussy clean, i try to wank myself, but someone stops me, now chris is told to kneel down and take helens place, his cock's now touching my face, im still a bit apprehensive, but liz says if youwant to come you have to do as your told, youve just had cum from three guys out of a pussy, now you have to suck spunk straight from a cock, so i open my mouth and start to suck my first cock, then i hear liz telling chris to suck me till i cum, now im happy i can come at last, but chris stops me before i come, liz told him not to let me cum before he comes, anyway he came and then he let me come fuck it was great, i had been dying to come for ages. now weve forgot about the cards, liz says to helen, its your turn, what do you want to do. she says shes still full of spunk she wants me to lie on the floor and liz to straddle my face this time, then she sits on my cock, not up her its still soft, she just rubs her wet fanny over it and i feel it getting wet from the spunk, she kisses liz and starts to wank two of the guys, next thing liz comes in my mouth, helen moves away and i feel sticky wet fluid land on my body and cock, then liz moves and both girls kneel beside me and rub the spunk all over me and of course my cock and balls, one of them fingers my ass and says how do you fancy a cock up you, sorry not just now not into that. well that was my first proper sex party and it was great, we are all still friends and we have met a couple of times since, but that was just more of the same, oh and liz got her turn to be blindfolded but she said it wasnt the sameas helens experience, because she knew who was there, so she wants to try it with new different people, well its her birthday soon so i'll see what i can do. chao till next tme.