Written by cindrella_scs

5 Dec 2009

To cut a long story short, it was a day before my sister's wedding and since all other things had been looked after and everything had been done for her big day I decided I need to unwind and grab a drink. So I went to this club with a friend of mine and there I saw my brother-in-law at the other end of the bar drinking with his friends.

He noticed me and came towrds me and asked if I wanted to join him and his friends for a drink. My friend didnt mind so we both joined my brothe-in-law and his friends for a drink. After a few drinks we both were a bit tipsy and dont know how and when but we kissed. It was a real passionaite kiss and he whispered into my ears if I wanter to go some place more private. I was too stunned to reply so I just nodded and he grabbed me by my hand and took me to his car in the car park.

It must have been just past mid-night and the car park was a bit desserted. He pulled my top off and was caressing my boobs and bitting my nipples from over my bra. I was dripping wet and didnt want to think about right or wrong but just wanted to enjoy fucking him. Though I knew that this was going to change everything between us. But I guess I didnt care that much.

I slid my hand in to his jeans and felt his big, thick dick which was bulging and so I unzipped his jeans and took his dick out. And, I must say he had a real big dick... I started licking his dick, slowly sucking the tip and taking it fully in my mouth. I must confess I have never taken such a big dick ever in my mouth. He had pulled my skirt down and even before I realised I was there in simply my bra and panties. He was finger fucking me with his three and sometimes even four finger deep inside my pussy.

The glass had steamed up and we could hardly see anything when suddenly there was aknock on our window. When we rolled the window down we saw two of his friends had been standing there and probaby had been watching us for a long time now. His friend whispered something in his ear and he smiled and simply gestured then to some in. He then asked me if I would like to fuck them too or else they will tell my sister about our little escapade. Not that I would mind fucking three men at the same time anyways as I am a pretty randy bitch myself but hey didnt want to hurt my sister in any way. So I agreed and then he drove to us to his friends flat which was nearby. The two friends had pulled me to the back seat and I was sucking one with the other one was fingering my ass.

As we reached his flat they all pounced on me like animals. I was asked to get on my fours and there I was being fucked in my mouth and my ass. They took turns to fuck me in my every hole and man they did fuck rough.

This continued till the early hours of the morning and finally one of his friend dropped me back home in the morning. This has now become a regular activity though must say with full consent of all parties. My brother-in-law feels great about fucking both the sisters though he wishes he could fuck both of us together. And I would keep you guys updated if that ever happens..