Written by unknown

6 Jun 2008

we are just back from Newyork while we were there i had every intention of makong my wife's dream come true, she has always fantisised about being tied up and having a stranger make love to her, we were at the hotel bar as usual wew got talking to this guy from Scotland who was working out there and was having a few days sight seeing with his wife, we were all getting along ok and i could sense a chemistry between my wife and him theprevious night his wife was nice but couldn't hold her drink she was always tired and in bed by 10pm, anyway on our last night she went off to bed as usual so he stayed down with us for a farewell drink or two we were having a great tyime and decided to go across the road to a bar for a change as we crossed the road my wife said remember to go into that shop for a bottle of water before we go to bed the shop was a 24/7 but it also had a sexy book shop and cinema booths for porn which she didn't know about anyway a couple of hours went by and we were just about to go when she mentioned going to the shop we were all well pissed up the guy from scotland seamus he was called said thats a porn both shop my wife said whats one of those he said why not come in and we will have a look she didn't hesitate and said ok so off we went she was a bit worried incase some one saw a woman in there but she soon discovered there were women looking at the books and going into the cubicles we all went into the same one put a few coins in and watched and laughed at the so called fuck films she was sitting on sheas knee and i was purched on the corner of the seat so i stood up i could see shea was getting quite aroused so was i he kind of looked up at me and i nodded to the tv screen a woman was lying blind folded on the bed and being fucked by one guy and sucking the other one off i said she's always fantisised about doing that shea he looked and smiled really have you she kind of blushed and didn't say anything we left the cubicle and i could see the bulge in his jeans. we went into the hotel and the wife went upstairs kissing him on the cheek saying keep in touch as you do, i stayed for one last drink, shea said i'm horny now she will be asleep i've no chance of a shag i said wait 1 min i went upstairs she was lying there unawhere i was there stroking her self and fingering herself as she saw me she said that was quick i started to kiss her and then finger fuck her she was moaning i whispered to her i'm making your fantesy come true tonight she said what do you mean i got the blind fold out of the case we got on the plane and said put this on and then i took the strap off the robes we had and tied her to the bed i started to lick her hot wet cunt and as she cum i said just lie there i have something for you or should i say someone i went down in the lift my cock was bulging i said to shea come upstairs we have something for you as he entered the room he didn't believe what he saw i said she's all your he dropped straight to his knees and started to suck her nipples and finger her he even pulled them out and licked them and said finger licking good lol he then went down on her she cum in his face he didn't even stop to take a breath then got up looked at me and i said do what you will he dropped his jeans he must of had at least 8 or 9 " and quite thick with one thrust he was up her she screamed with enjoyment bucking her hips upwards he franticley bucked away the started to slow pulling his big cock out he straddled her holding her tits either side of his cock and started to tit wank her i walked over and put my hard cock into her mouth i came straight away he did soon after all over her face we lifted the mask and she started kissing him we untied her and she went down on him i started to get hard again so i rode her from behind swapping every now and then with him, i went for a shower to give her a bit time on there own i did look through the gap in the door and she was on top riding him sensles he left soon after and i licked his deposit from her swolled wet cunt then fucked her again we have arranged to meet again back here but nothings been arranged as yet but he has rang to thank us so i will let you know as soon as we meet up.s