Written by pussy

3 Jul 2010

This from that old friend I've written about before:

"Now when we chat in the car, we're almost as open as A and me, and soon we get to sex. She amazes me by saying that despite her and hubby still shagging regularly, she hadn't been able to come for about a couple of months or so. Aye-aye I thought, is she testing the water for something else? I know she says her hubby is not as long as I am but he's thicker and so she says that it's not often she's satisfied. All this got me hard and I made sure she knew as I took her left hand and placed it on my cock.

We got back here, and she decided she wanted to try on the dress she'd bought. Now I didn't think anything of this until I realised K, in taking her jeans off, had also taken off her knickers. Now I'm no idiot...

She tried on the dress and after me saying the usual, she stood beside me while I looked at some porn on the PC. My hand explored under the dress and she was really wet, so at her suggestion we went upstairs.

Just to see how wet K really was, I got between her legs and turned on the 'turbo-tongue' and yep she was. I worked her clit for a few minutes and then started to go deep into her pussy with just tongue and nothing else.

That started to do the trick and I could tell she was starting to feel better! After a few minutes of this, she insisted that we swapped round into a 69. I'd not had the chance often to do this.

While she took my cock in her mouth, I continued to work at her pussy and for a change I tried her arsehole, that got her wriggling...

By this time I was rock solid and she was almost dripping with pussy juice, so she told me I had to fuck her, she was so hot. I wasn't going to say now so reached for a condom.

To my surprise, K stopped me, saying that we didn't need to anymore, as we had only used them in the past to make sure I didn't get her pregnant. She also knew A has been my only sexual partner so I was clean.

For the first time, I could feel what she felt like on my cock and her pussy felt wonderful. It was tight and wet, feeling like a wet glove. For about 10 minutes I enjoyed the feeling, fucking, making K come at least 3 times, keeping myself on the edge by hand in the times I rested.

By this time I was almost ready to come and when K had come down from her third orgasm, I made sure I was right on the edge then fucked for the last time.

This time I could feel it building and I think she could too. Within a few strokes, I just burst, filling her pregnant pussy with my juice, like her hubby had so many times, like I'd always wanted to and it was wonderful, feeling as good as only a few orgasms ever had for me.

I was completely drained as K was also and the sight of my cum leaking out was one I shall never forget. After we rested for a couple of minutes, enjoying the memory of what we'd done, she managed to get off the bed, wipe herself clean and get dressed, before going home."