Written by jewelscouple

22 Aug 2012

I have been left alone at home on and off now for the last 2 months with my Paul working abroad and under pressure with new contracts etc. I have no idea when he is coming back and just wait for that call to say he is on the way.

We made friends at a local pub a few weeks back, a coloured girl with a white guy around our ages and have been out to dinner with them a couple of times. The girl, Dawn rings me or text me most days knowing it’s a bit of a boring and lonely life sometimes, and her husband, also a Paul also gets away travelling about once a month, so we are soul mates really.

She called me one day and realised I was a bit down as I was expecting my Paul back but once again he had been delayed with yet more technical issues at work. Dawn said that her Paul was off to the USA that day and suggested a dose of retail therapy to lighten up our lonely lives, which I jumped at, Dawn is funny to be with, always smiling and a great tonic and she is stunningly pretty.

Lakeside?, Blue water?...No, the new one at Stratford, credit cards in hand we stormed the place and had an absolutely great time. We decided that to please our men we should buy some sexy undies and stockings etc etc and we had a real giggle selecting some amazing things.

Back home I asked Dawn to come to my house and break open a bottle of wine and of course show off our wonderful days treasures, and by the second bottle!!! We were just like giggling children, 2 bottles gone we decided to do a fashion show of the undies we bought. Dawn went to the bedroom first and came out wearing hold ups cammy knickers and a sexy see through bra all in delicate pink, against her black skin she looked stunning and after three dress (or undress) changes she finished up in a see through very short nighty in white.

I clapped as if in an audience and it was my turn as Dawn sat down in her nighty to watch me, the third bottle open my display was not so sexy as Dawn but I did finish up showing off MY choice of nighty which had a lot less material on it than hers and she just said…WOW. She stood up and kissed me thanking her for a lovely time and I kissed her back, which seemed to be a bit longer than a thank you kiss, before long we were both kissing and entwining tongues and hands searching each others bodies.

I led her to the bedroom and took the sexy nighty off her, her breasts were firm and her body toned, not like mine, I kissed her nipples and led her into bed, I climed in next to her and all I can say is that we made the most passionate and sensual love I have experienced, tongues into wet pussied finger knowingly probing and working sensitive clits both having orgasms several times over.

We fell asleep in a loving clench, breasts against each others kissing until we dozed into a deep sleep. At about 2 am I heard what I thought was my Pauls car arriving at the front of the house and was frozen wondering what to do, he knows I have strong bi tendencies but I usually tell him of any encounters.

He crept up the stairs and carefully opened the door to the bedroom and in the beam of light, instead of just me he could see Dawn holding onto me in a cuddle, gently sleeping, motioned for him to be quiet and he did, creeping into the room he undressed, he carefully climbed in behind the sleeping Dawn and was soon spooning up behind her and still she slept, I knew exactly what he would try and do and under the circumstances I would be more than happy to help him. He was stroking her soft skin and had traced his finger over a very stiff nipple, she murmered alittle and moved which gave him ease of access to feel her left breast. I lifted her right leg and crossed it over mine, thus giving Paul the chance to feel between her legs but instead the bad boy wa srubbing his now very hard cock along her crack and signs of waking were becoming very clear. She opened her eyes and looked at me, I whispered to her that Paul was home and behind her, she smiled and said I like your Paul, I slipped my hand between her legs as I kissed her and found the head of Pauls huge cock moving slowly along Dawns crack, the tip of it was soaked by her juices so I took hold of it and guided it home and he slipped it deep into Dawns soaking wet hole.

Still kissing me and now fingering my clit she was in heaven, pushing back now onto Paul as he quickened and bought her to an amazing orgasm, shuddering as she kissed me and that soon transferred to me as I came also really hard. She now turned to Paul and said “hello Paul, nice to see you” and they embraced and kissed. Dawn wanted me to kiss her pussy and let Paul see the fun we had been having and soon I was on my knees between her legs as she wanked Paul. He then moved behind me and oh so winderful his thick cock slid right into me in one move, just what I have been waiting for. Another orgasm for us both, Paul asked if he could reall fuck Dawn hard and fill her with spunk. I said that he was more than welcome and he was soon on the case, Dawns legs wrapped around him and going like a steam train and noisy as hell … he was soon making that familiar noise of shooting his creamy spunk inside Dawn and I knew she had been well and truly fucked and filled.

I licked his cock clean and Dawn helped me feeling his balls and looking into his eyes I knew she would be having that cock again soon, we all showered togetehr in our walk in shower and he was up like a stallion and took us both from behind as we washed. The night was still dark and we went to bed and slept until early morning where Paul fucked both me and Dawn once more filling her with spunk again .