Written by great

2 Nov 2013

I said hello and looked alice up and down she wearing a long pencil skirt with a frilly nylon top that I saw her bra clearly a nice white lace that let her small tits sag and saw her nipples pressed against it she said to me laughing had a good look I replied she did look tasty saying to her nice jim is lucky alice said he was not with her now what happened I asked her she said long story I offered her a coffee at mine she accepted and we got in my car as our eyes met she smiled saying lorna will be there she asked telling her we split as we went into my flat alice sat on the small sofa saying nothing stronger giving her a drink as I had a joint she asked to try it I gave her one I had a pipe she said give me one of them also I said ok giving her one I saw she liked it she said she liked it taking another as her skirt opened at the full length split revealing her lovly white knickers she fixed it taking a pipe she lay back saying as her skirt opened right up her pussy was so hairy saying how sexy she was telling her my ex was sure we had fucked alice said she asked her saying she did not mind telling her your fantasy saying you wanted to kiss me and caress me saying she loved to kiss

we moved closer and kissed our lips softly touching our tongues probing each others mouth as I stroked her legs up her thigh she pulled back saying lorna said to her the sex I like as I said did she smiling as she smiled also saying she said you like porn and acting out scenarios saying I did like them as alice had a pipe saying her tits are tiny as to my ex who had huge tits saying lo my ex said I loved small tits yes I said and also natural woman with saggy bits and hairy saying I prefer skinny woman who talk dirty during sex and wear sexy undies as I had a pipe she said she liked porn also she said she wore sexy gear saying she would be to natural and needed a trim giving her a pipe saying I had fantasised about her telling her the story she was horny as hell as she flashed her knickers saying she had got her top wet and did I have a top I said my ex had old clothes she got to big for and got her a case with mini skirts skimpy tops and t shirts she put a t shirt up on the table as she removed her top staring at her tits I said go on let me see she stood up saying wait and I will show you what is nice and sexy as she pulled on a mini skirt then removed her long skirt as she had a pipe I looked up her skirt seeing her massive bush through her clear knickers I sat nxt to her had a pipe giving her another as I kissed her as we lay across the sofa my hands at her neck and her thigh saying to her her bush was sexy as hell putting my hand in her knickers stroking her bush then running my finger over her cunt lips that were wet as she opened her legs wider as I fingered her cunt she groaned saying oh stop as she moved her hips enjoying it she said it was nice as wee kissed sayingmy cock was solid as I opened my jeans and my 8" cock sprang out she looked amazed as I lay between her legs easing up her wet cunt and fucking her slowly telling her I loved her cunt fucking her faster and faster she shuddered rapping her legs round me