Written by craigc

6 Oct 2011

About a year ago I emailed a lady on an adult contact website. She was called Emma, was 31 with brunette hair and a good figure.

Emma said she had been married for 9 years, and that her husband was very boring in the bedroom. She told me that she wanted to try several new sexual activities… Infact she’d made a list. One of the items was to have sex with a complete stranger – lucky me! Just the week before she had had her first bi experience with another woman!

We agreed to meet up the next day at 12 noon. You see Emma’s a teacher and she had 3 hours free that day. She gave me an address that’s a 45 minute drive from where I live in Sheffield.

I arrived at the address, to find an old cottage in the country side. It looked very picturesque, and sat in a Black Ford Focus, was Emma. She looked stunning.

I got out of my car and walked over to her car. She got out and said hello. As we walked to the front door, she explained that they owned the house, but rented it out to tenants who were away on holiday for a week, so we had the place all to ourselves.

As soon as we stepped inside, she turned to face me and started French kissing me. I could taste a faint lingering trace of cigarette smoke on her, and it was quite sexy, as my wife doesn’t smoke.

Suddenly feeling a bit nervous as I kissed her back, I put my arms around her and moved my hands down to her bum, and then started to feel her sexy arse. After a few minutes of kissing I gave her a sly smile and asked if she wanted to show me the bedroom? Emma took my hand and led me up the stairs in to the master bedroom. I told her to take off her blouse, and I started to undo the buttons on my shirt. She was wearing a black lacy bra, with a hot pink trim. I think Emma’s breasts must have been a large C or a D cup, and her cleavage looked so horny and inviting.

I told her how amazing she looked as I took my shirt off and started to undo my belt. Emma said that she was impressed with the way I looked. I’m 31, am 6 feet tall, weigh 14 stone, have dark blonde hair and green eyes. As I’d been made redundant a few months ago, I’d spent some time in the gym working out, had lost the small tummy I’d developed over the last few years, and was looking quite big and toned.

I knelt down in front of her and pulled down her trousers and knickers in one go. Emma has a really sexy neat pussy with a neatly trimmed Brazilian of jet black soft pubic hair. I pushed her backwards so she sat down on the bed, and then lowered the rest of her body until she was lying down, with her feet still on the floor.

I started kissing her on the inside of her thigh, just above the knee, and soon worked my way up to her pussy. She was just starting to open up and get wet, so I held her lips open with my fingers and started to lick her clit. Then I licked her pink wet pussy from the bottom of her labia, up to the clit again. Before long Emma was starting to moan. She said “I wish my husband would do this” and then she started to cum.

I rammed 1 then 2 fingers up in to her soaking wet pussy and concentrated on giving her swollen clit a good tongue lashing. Emma’s orgasm seemed to last for a few minutes. Then I stood up and took my jeans off. By now my cock was rock hard, and seemed to be massive. I’m usually 6 – 8 inches long (depending how turned on I am) and it’s quite thick. I was at my best!

My cock was straining through my boxer shorts, and Emma sat up and pulled them down and off me. She then took my cock first in one hand, then in both and slowly started to wank me off. It felt fantastic. Then she opened her mouth and started to lick my swollen bell end. She then started to suck me, deep and hard.

I groaned my approval and told her how sexy she looked and that she felt great. Then I reached down, unclipped her bra and started to play with her big firm tits. Then I started to finger her pussy again.

After a few minutes of Emma’s fantastic blow job, I really wanted to fuck her. So I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down on her back, on to the bed. I knelt in between her wide open legs, and with my massively hard cock in my right hand I started to rub myself up and down her wet pussy lips and clit.

Emma was really loving it, and moaned that she wanted me to fuck her. I started to ease my bell end in to her and felt how tight her hot wet pussy was. I slowly eased in my whole thick hard 8 inches in to her and then I really started to fuck her. Emma came nearly straight away, and I felt like a Trojan warrior! I asked if we could do it doggy style, and she agreed. I withdrew my cock from her tight pussy and saw that she was still wide open.

Emma rolled over and got up on her knees, with her legs spread and her head & shoulders flat against the bed. In that position her arse looked so peachy and her pussy looked neat, but wet and ready for action. I started to enter her from behind and then thrust in to her. Though I was a bit too big for Emma’s tight pussy (from behind) so I had to slow down and take it easy.

I thought it was amazing, but it was too painful for Emma, so I pulled out and lay on my back. Emma knelt in between my legs and started to lick and suck her pussy juices from my hard throbbing cock. She really loved sucking me off and her soft wet mouth felt great, but I wanted to fuck her again. Emma decided that she wanted to ride me.

She knelt over me and started to lover herself on to my huge hard nob. She took me in her hand and rubbed her wetness over the end of my shaft, then started to ease her wet pussy lips over my swollen bell end. As she rode me, her tits were dangling in my face, so I cupped one then the other and sucked on her small red nipples until they were much harder.

Emma started to have another orgasm and it was just to much for me, I felt my already straining cock get bigger and harder, and my balls started to tingle. I gasped that I was going to cum, and Emma screamed that she was cumming. She was slamming herself up and down my hard length as I grabbed her sexy arse with both hands and started thrust up hard in to her. I started to cum deep inside her tight wet pussy and I could actually feel the jets of my thick hot spunk shoot out of my cock.

Once Emma had recovered she climbed of me and my cock slipped out of her wet dribbling pussy. I couldn’t believe I was still hard, as that hasn’t happened for a while. Emma started to suck the spunk and pussy juice off my cock, and I just lay there on my back and enjoyed it for a few minutes.

Then I got up and asked Emma to lie down on her back. I started to finger her still soaking wet pussy, and could see some of my sperm dribble out of her. Emma grabbed my hand and started to suck my spunky fingers clean. Then she started to finger herself whilst I watched and stroked my hard cock. After a few minutes she came again and then sucked her sticky spunky fingers clean.

She looked so hot and horny, and I just had to fuck her again. By this time my blood was really up and I slammed straight in to her. Spearing her tight wet pink pussy with my rock hard cock. After a few minutes she came again but I just carried on slamming my full length in to her. She came again and then I started to cum. I felt my balls tingle and I collapsed on to her, moaning as I shot the rest of my thick sperm deep in to her pussy.

Once we had recovered I went to the bathroom, and had a quick shower. Then we said our goodbyes and I went home. I’d love to meet Emma again and maybe one day I will.....

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