Written by craigc

8 Oct 2009

I work as a recruitment consultant, part of my job is to search some of the jobsite websites for CV's. Whilst looking at the different categories I happened to notice an option where the jobseeker could indicate an interest in "adult" or "x rated" jobs.

It was pretty quiet in the office, and being a curious guy, I thought I'd have a quick look at there "want to be" porn stars. I downloaded about 30 CV's and had a quick look. There were some photos on some of the CV's, and I thought wow, I'd like to meet these girls!

I printed off the CV's and took them home with me. Later that evening I started to email all the girls, saying that I'd like to meet them for practicing taking pictures and making videos etc.

After a few days, I started to get some replies. One or two of them told me to fuck off, but there were a few that wanted to know more about it. Great I thought, now what do I do"¦"¦

There was one girl called Rebecca that I arranged to meet. She looked really hot, with wavy, shoulder length Auburn hair, a C cup bust, and a size 8 figure. She was 21 and had just graduated from university.

After a few emails and phone conversations, I arranged to go round to Rebecca's house one afternoon when her boyfriend was out at work. Now I can use a camera and video camera, but I'm no expert, so I was a bit nervous.

When I arrived Rebecca let me in, she was wearing skinny jeans, and a top that showed of her nice toned stomach and cleavage. She had bright blue eyes, beautiful clear skin and had her hair tied back in a pony tail. I said how good she looked and she blushed a bit. Rebecca had been quite nervous about doing adult work, and had just finished her second glass of chilled white wine. She offered me a glass and topped hers up, then we both sat down and had our wine and talked.

I asked if her boyfriend knew that I was coming round, and she said no, he didn't. Rebecca asked how we should go on, and I said that I needed to take some pictures of her as she took her clothes off, then a few whilst she was naked.

We finished our drinks, and by now she was a bit tipsy and much more relaxed. We went upstairs, so the neighbours couldn't see, and I started to get excited thinking about seeing Rebecca naked.

I got my digital camera out and started taking pictures, as she took her top off. I couldn't believe how great her tits were, a lovely full C cup, with nice small, light pink nipples. She started to get a bit giggly, and started to unbutton her jeans. I just kept on taking lots of pictures, and saying how sexy she looked!

As her jeans came down, I saw how nice and firm her long slim legs were, she was wearing a small pink thong. Once her jeans were removed I asked her to turn round and "stick your bum out at me", she did with a coy smile. I was snapping away like crazy by now, and had started to get a massive hard on. I asked her to "pull your thong to one side, so I can see your pussy" and she did. Rebecca had a great pussy, completely shaven and quite neat. She pulled her tight arse cheeks apart, and as her pussy lips opened up, I could see how wet and pink she was.

I couldn't believe my luck! She turned round and pulled her panties all the way down her long shapely legs, and stepped out of them, completely naked now, and full of confidence. I said "now lie on the bed, and touch yourself". Rebecca started to squeeze her tits and touch her nipples. They were only small, but got quite hard. I asked if her tits were real, and she said "yes, of course there real". I asked if I could touch them and she nodded.

I put the camera down and walked over to the bed. I started feeling her tits, they were so firm and soft. I started sucking on one of her hard little nipples, and she moved her hand down to her pussy.

Being a bit of a pervert, I remembered that I'd brought my video camera, and went to get it. I asked Rebecca if she had any sex toys, and she said yes. She got up and went to a chest of draws, as she bent over to open the bottom draw I got a fantastic view of her arse and shaved pussy. She turned round and caught me staring at her arse. I apologised, and she smiled and asked if I thought her bum looked big. I said no, it just looks fantastic!

I was quite impressed with her collection of toys. We decided she would use a long (about 8") thin one, made out of clear glass, with small bumps all over it, and a nice raised round tip. Rebecca lay on the bed, with her legs wide apart, and started to rub the glass dildo along her pussy lips. She was really wet by now, and I could hear it squelching. With one hand she held her wet pussy lips open, and with the other hand she slowly started to push the glass dildo in to her vagina. She started to moan as the glass shatf slowly went in and out of her wet snatch. I could see her pussy juices glistening on the dildo's shaft, and could faintly smell her sexy pussy.

I was filming this, and had a massive hard on. With hindsight it sounds silly, but I desperately wanted to fuck her, but was a bit worried that she might not want to, after all, she did have a boyfriend.

She started to come, watching her and filming her was so erotic. Once she had finished, she went to the toilet, and I picked up the glass dildo, sniffed it, and licked it. It smelt of hot sexy pussy, and tasted great.

A few minutes later Rebecca came out of the toilet and asked what was next. Not wanting this to be over, I asked if she had any sexy underwear. She flashed me seductive smile and said "oohhh yes".

I filmed her putting on a very sexy pair of Black lacy panties and a push up bra, not that she needed it. Then we took a load more pictures of her, in various different sexy poses. The best was when I was lying on the floor, on my back, and she was only wearing high heels and a bra. Rebecca stood facing me with her legs on each side of my head, and slowly squatted down, so her tight wet pussy lips were wide open, and I could see up her delicious cunt. It was just inches from my face, and smelt so sexy.

I'd taken hundreds of pictures by now, and wanted to make a better film of Rebecca.

All her sex toys were still out, at the end of the bed, and among the vibrators & dildos, I could see a butt plug, spanking paddle, and some leather hand restraints. I suggested we use these, and she happily agreed.

I setup the video camera on a table in the room, cuffed her hands together, and had her kneeling on the bed, with her arse in the air, a sexy arch in her back, down to her shoulders that were touching the bed. Her arse cheeks looked so peachy and firm. I asked if she minded me touching her, and she said it was fine. I started stroking her arse cheeks, and slowly moved my fingers closer to her pussy. I gave her arse a couple of playful slaps and started to rub my fingers along her pussy lips, and over her clit, Rebecca made an approving moaning sound, so I help open her soft wet pussy lips, and slid a finger inside her tight wet pussy. I told her how tight she felt, and that she looked so fucking hot! I pulled my finger out, and sucked off her pussy juices, before I started finger fucking her with 2, then 3 fingers.

I picked up a 7" long, vibrator, that looked quite veiny, like a real cock would be, and rubbed the end along her wet lips. Rebecca pushed her arse back at me, and the tip of the dildo entered her pussy. I turned it on a slow vibrating speed, and started to fuck her with it. I could hear her wet cunt making squelching sounds as she had a loud orgasm.

I turned the vibrator off, but left it in her pussy. It's time for the butt plug I thought. I'd never used one on anyone before. I rubbed some lube on it, and started to ease it in to her tight arse hole. If didn't want to go in, so I dribbled some more lube on the tight pink star, and helped it along by putting my finger in her arse. I tried putting to butt plug in again, and with a bit of gentle force, it went in. Rebecca asked me to turn the vibrator back on, So I did, but this time I put it on full speed and started thrusting it in and out of her pussy. She was really loving it, moaning and starting to come again.

I reached round and picked up the spanking paddle, and gave her a few gentle slaps on the arse and top of her toned legs. As she was getting so in to it, I thought what the heck, and gave her a few really hard whacks with the paddle. It made a loud smacking sound, and Rebecca started to come again. I kept sliding the big thick vibrator in and out of her pussy, and slapping her arse with the paddle. She was making loud moaning noises and saying "yes, yes yesss, ahh that's it, ohh yes, harder, ohh fuck, fuck yes, fuck me harder, ahhrrr". I stopped spanking her arse, and started to play with the butt plug that was still in her arse hole. I started to pull on it out, so it stretched her tight pink bum hole to the limit, then after a few gentle pulls it came out, so I pushed it back in her, and she came again.

By this time I was desperate to fuck Rebecca, and I thought she must be up for it too, after all its not every day you let someone fuck you with dildos, vibrators and butt plugs"¦"¦

I released her hands from the leather cuffs, and she asked me if I'd fetch her a drink. I went down stairs and got us both another glass of chilled wine. Rebecca was lying on the bed when I got back upstairs. I sat down next to her and asked how she felt. She took a big drink of white wine and said "that was the best sex I've ever had, and we didn't even have sex". I smiled and said that if she wanted to be a porn star we would need to film her having sex. I said that as I was here, maybe we should do that now. She asked if I had a girlfriend. I don't know why, but I lied and said "I'm married, but my wife doesn't mind because she knows its business". I asked her "what time is your boyfriend due back". Rebecca smiled and said "he's not due back until about 6:30ish". As it was only just after 3pm, I said "ok, are you ready?"

Rebecca was lying on the bed, still naked, and looked so hot. I'm 6 foot, 2 inches tall and have a good athletic figure. I've got short, messy dark Brown hair, deep Green eyes, olive skin and a good smile. I stood up and took my shirt off, so she could see my body. I unbuckled my belt, and started to up do my jeans. My cock was rock hard, and hugely swollen as I'd had an erection for the last hour. I'm a lucky lad, and have quite a large penis. Its 8.5 inches long and is nearly as thick as a base ball bat, with a shiny red bell end.

As I released it from my boxer shorts, Rebecca gasped, and said "bloody hell, that's huge" with wide open eyes. Now it was my turn to blush, and I said "come over here and have a feel". She came over so she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and took my cock in her hands. She said "I'll never get that in my mouth". I just said "why don't you have a go". She started by licking my shaft, then running her tongue round my end. A bit of semen leaked out and she licked it up. She opened her mouth wide and managed to take the first 2 inches into her month. She sucked it really well, and soon had 3 - 4 inches in her mouth.

I picked up the video camera, and said "now look at the camera". Filming her with my big hard cock, so far in to her wide open mouth looked amazing. She started wanking the rest of my thick shaft whilst sucking my bell end for all she was worth. I reached down with my free hand, and started playing with those big firm tits, pinched her hard little nipples and then moved down to her pussy. As I started rubbing her pussy, Rebecca got wet again, and I started fingering her.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and said "now I'm going to fuck you Rebecca, lie down on the bed and hold your pussy lips open". Rebecca said "Please be gentle, you're cock is really big, I've never had one that large before". I knelt in between her wide open legs, and she held her sexy wet pussy open for me. I started by slowly rubbing the tip of my rock hard cock over her clit. Then I rubbed it around her vaginal entrance, getting us both really wet. I gave her a gentle push and the first inch entered her. God, she was tight! I played with her for a bit. Giving her a few inches, taking it almost out, and back in with a few inches.

Rebecca started moaning her approval, and I decided to give her my full 8.5 inch length. I pulled my cock all the way out, and thrust it all the way back in to her hot, tight, soaking wet pussy. A few more thrusts and Rebecca had a loud, intense orgasm.

Then she asked if she could go on top and ride me. I happily agreed, and as I withdrew from her, her tight pussy seemed to be gripping my cock. I lay on my back and Rebecca faced me, and slowly rubbed my big prick along her pussy lips, then eased herself down on to my hard shaft, until it was all the way up inside her. A she started fucking me, with her breasts in my face, I grabbed her arse with one hand I eased a finger up her arse hole, whilst sucking her hard pink nipples. Another intense orgasm ripped through her, and I knew I was going to come very soon.

I rolled Rebecca over so she was lying on her back, and I was lying on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I started thrusting hard and fast in to her soaking wet, tight pussy. My balls started to tingle, and with a huge thrust I started to come, shooting jet after jet of my thick spunk in to Rebecca's pussy. I carried on pounding her, and she came for a final time, her pussy gripping my cock.

As I started to go soft, I pulled out of Rebecca, and moved so I was kneeling close to her face. She took my now semi erect prick in her mouth, and sucked all her pussy juices off me, and swallowed a few last drops of my sperm.

I jumped in the shower, and packed my stuff up. I said thanks for the great session, and told her it would be great to keep in touch...

I drove home with a huge smile on my face, and thought about who I was going to meet next time"¦.