Written by Annon

2 Sep 2014

I known my best mate since I was 11years old and now at 18 a party was looming and I can't wait you see I think his mum is georgeous only 5 ft tall but very pretty with massive. I had a crush on her for about 4 years since my mate showed us some photos of her he had found playing with her fanny lying on the kitchen floor naked legs wide apart with her knees up. She was gaped open and it was so horny. I managed to nick the photo and wank over it many a time. She had always seemed to be nice to me but not our other friends that came to the house which they all joked about. One night I stopped over and heard her fucking with my mates dad who is quite tubby and from the photos we were shown had a small cock half the size of mine. Well the party was well away and I was really merry when I noticed mrs c ( my mates mum) walk out of the room into a hallway. I was busting for a pee so I too went into the hallway where the toilets were.

It was rather dark and I went into the toilet only to find mrs c sat on the loo I apologised and said that I thought it was the gents which she replied it was the ladies was full. She said hang on I won't be long. I couldn't keep my eyes off her fanny all hairy and the memory of that photo popping into my head gave me an unexpected hard on to the point it was painful. She stood up and pulled her knickers up and stumbled out of the door and I was stood there gobbled smacked with a raging hardon. The rest of the night I couldn't keep my eyes off her for the rest of the night and helped her and the rest of my mates family tidy up. Mrs c gave me a kiss to thank me and smacked me on my arse which gave me a shock and with that I went home. About a week later I went around my mates house to give him a game I had borrowed and knocked on the door which after about 5 minutes was just about to give up when mrs c suddenly appeared at the door with a towel around her clearly she had just got out of the bath or shower and another thing about mrs c that really turns me on is that she has absolutely lovely feet and would love to suck her toes if I had the chance and gave them a good stare. She said hi to me and invited me in.

I jumped at the chance she told me that everyone was out and she decided to have a bath. I just stared at her ad I knew she would soon be off to get dressed but she didn't and just lingered in the kitchen near the spot from the photo. She asked me if I wanted a drink and after agreeing she bent down to fetch a cup and on doing so the towel raised up at the back and I got a view of her slit the view was such a shock I gasped out loud which she must of heard but all she did was lean over more and that fanny started to open up. God I was fucking horny so I thought fuck it and take a chance but just as I was going to stand up she stood up and finished off the cuppers. She sat opposite me and sat with her legs open exposing her sex. I took the bull by the horn and said that she looked amazing which she replied thank you. I stood up and walked towards her and shoved my hand straight into her crotch she screamed and tried to fight me off in a half hearted way but I knew she liked it cos she was absolutely soaking wet. I pulled the towel off her and started to feel those magnificent tits she moaned and said lets go upstairs. I flew up those stairs and before long I was naked and looking at her body on the bed in the same position as the photo and I bent down and licked that juicy fanny for all it was worth mmmmmm she was moaning and said fuck me..........on her like a shot easing my cock into a surprisingly tight fanny but god wet and squelching with each thrust. I was fucking her good and I thought I would give it a go and grabbed her foot and started to suck on her toes mmmm god I was in heaven. And then I couldn't believe my ears. She suddenly said tongue fuck my ass. I did as I got on my knees I got down and obeyed licking that hole which looked so neat and tidy. I stood up sank my cock once again into her pussy then put it at the hole of her arse and pushed slowly soon I was banging my balls off her arse cheeks I was in heaven holding onto each ankle I fucked her good. And soon was nearly coming. Spunk up my ass she said which I obeyed wholeheartedly pumping all my juice into her mmmmm I was knacked. You will have to hurry and get dressed they will be back soon but first cos you like photos take some of me which I did on my phone she in return took some of me and my spunk coated cock. That's my guarantee I know you're mother really well thus is our secret. I agreed and went downstairs whereupon about 20 minutes later in my mate walked with his dad. Since that day we've fucked numerous times which is another story