Written by littlemissgush

16 Dec 2007

it was two years ago when i was with my boyfriend at the time,we were feeling rather horny and as his mum was out we decided to take this session in the kithen for a change!my pussy began throbbing and felt hot and tingly as he started fondling my groin slowly,i could see his hard thick cock growing bigger and bigger and i walked backwards sitting on the edge of the kitchen table while he unbuttoned my trousers and slipped them off revealing a wet stained pair of sexy knickers!i could feel the pulse throbbing in my clit dying for his cock to enter me,he couldnt take it no longer he ripped his clothes off tookmy pants clean away and thrusted his hot hard throbbin cockup inside my tight wet pussy.i moaned in pleasure and excited at the thought of anyone walking in on us the atmosphere spinning uncontrolably as i felt his cock bang me hard and fast,then he picked me up still penis intact lol and fuked me up onthe kitchen side in full view of the window wich overlooked the whole street! we were sweating and getting extremely wet at this point and as we were about to cum his mum pulled up on the drive! we jumped in shok and ran upstairs giggling at the thought of how she hadnt noticed my white arse squeeking back and fourth on her kitchen side.....we finished off upstairs and came down to greet her and to my horror she was chopping up salad in the exact place of our fuk session,i could only watch in cringe mode as the thought of her tucking into the food,i didnt know wether to laugh or cry as i darent say anything! (id be banned for life) i felt real bad and i dont know how my boyfriend felt at the thought of his mother munchin on his salad cream....eek!!!!!