20 Jun 2019

A been a while now since meeting Poppy and hard to get her out of my mind, luckily we chat a lot on Whattsapp although that always, just by talking to her through typing, gets my cock so hard. This woman surely had an effect on me, sexually.

We are both open to each other about any sexual encounters we’ve had and recently I mentioned to Poppy of an old flame I helped through a crisis she had living with her severely disabled husband, she hadn’t had sex for over 20 years and guilt stopped her trying. I was able to help her and show her it not only can be done but that the guilt side would fade away. Telling Poppy she asked if I still see her but I haven’t for a while although recently we have been in touch again. Hubby had passed away and she had a new man, but she had blatantly told me that she missed my big cock and more important the attentive way I was, especially on her first night of sex for so long. Poppy encouraged me to meet her and to be honest I was son-in need of sex, and good sex that i called her and we met that afternoon.

She hadn’t changed except now she took care of herself and she clearly had confidence. As I was invited into her flat she turned and kissed me and felt my cock. We carried on kissing and soon I had her naked, her beautiful pert tits begging for my lips. She pulled down my pants and stared at what she called ...her friend, taking the very swollen head in her mouth and looking me in the eye as she gobbled on my meat. We moved to her bed and straight away she climbed on top of me, rubbing her cunt along my shaft, teasing me as the tip nearly slid into her now very puffy pussy lips. Her tits mesmerised me as I sucked on them so hard but then suddenly this little sexy lady rose up and guiding my cock with her hand, rubbed the head around her hole and then dropped down onto me with such force that I wanted to cum, she screamed as she carried on the assault until she came so violently that she almost passed out collapsed on top of me with my throbbing cock rammed so deep up her elderly juice soaked cunt.

I didn’t cum, but she took me to her shower where we washed each other’s sex then she bent over and took me deep in her hole again, still holding back my spunk as I wanted as much from this lady as I could and for as long as it could last.

Back on the bed, I spread her legs wide and went in with my evil cunt licking tongue, oh my god she squirmed begging me to stop but not really meaning it, finally I could hold on no longer and rammed my now swollen cock deep up her, she knew I was about to cum by the look on my face the fact I was pumping in and out of her soaking wet cunt.....I shot what felt the biggest amount of spunk inside her and collapsed on top of her with my cock still hard and in slow rhythm still, the movement kept my erection as my cock glans slid up and down her tunnel, until I had what I can say was second wind and started to pump in and out harder and harder, I felt I could cum again and this spurred me on along with encouragement of this sexy woman. Shouting for me to fuck and fuck her harder and then I shot another far smaller load but the force of the jet, perhaps being smaller amount hit the inside of her cunt so she really felt it and sent her over the top into another huge orgasm. We parted with a promise not to leave it so long, we took naked pictures of each other and she got me hard one more time to do a video of her wanking my cock, aided by some baby oil. Oh and yes another fuck.

I was able to tell Poppy of my meeting and she sounded really excited for me but confessed that she hadn’t had sex for a few months now but she needed more than sex. Thinking about our last session I understood what she meant and I offered to meet her at our usual hotel and see what I could arrange. It took a while but I soon had a plan with friends involved, friends who hadn’t met Poppy, and the date set.

I collected Poppy as usual and we went for a drink in the hotel bar, my friends there but ignoring us as planned, so, what have you planned this time, she asked. I told her it was just some sexy fun and soon we were in the bedroom.

Inside the room I changed my persona and became...her master! She said...oh I see, but I told her to shut up or be gagged, she started to speak and I roughly put a tight gag around her head, she looked scared. I stripped her slowly and took pictures of her naked as she watched in fear, I tied her hands behind her back and laid her on the bed face down. I then undressed and taking a swishing teachers cane I swiped one hit across her arse. she couldn’t scream but made a noise of sheer pain. Blindfolding her and now kneeling by the bed I let in my two old friends, a married couple I meet for just fun sex, mainly in their jacuzzi, but that’s another story.

She, Vicky, stroked my stiff cock as she came in and soon all were naked, she teased Poppy kneeling there, rubbing a finger over her cunt lips as she was kneeling bent over the bed, she could hear that there were people other than me in the room, but could not speak or see them all naked now. Me and the guy lifted poppy onto the bad face up and we all played with her cunt, Vicky used a vibe on her, Dan tried to lick her hole as I snapped away with the camera and Poppy looked and sounded like she was about to orgasm.

Dan bought in some fresh twigs from his garden, lots of leaves and swishy, Vicky picked one up ad started to thrash Poppy’s whole body as she writhed in sexual pleasure, Dan pushed his cock to her mouth, removing the gag, and she gobbled it in as If she was starved of cock, wrapping her tongue around the head and teasing his piss hole.

Vicky was now between her legs and eating her cunt, making the sensation triple with the sting of the whip and the cock in her mouth. I needed desperately to fuck this hot vixen so I was soon between her legs, Vicky slurping my cock to wet it, as Poppy has a very tight cunt and my cock a bit on the large size.... Vicky guided me in and soon my balls were pushing against her pubic mound, not pumping, just leaving it in so deep and a slight rock motion, soon she came and soaked my cock... pulling out Vicky went back to lick up the juices as Dan took his cock from her mouth and rolling her over onto her front, lifting her to kneel was soon ramming his cock inside her and very soon came a huge load of hot creamy spunk in her, as he pulled out the spunk dripped out and Vicky was there to lick up the juices.

Untying her and laying her on her back on the bed, Vicky got on top of her and kissed her, soon they were snogging each other and Vicky whispers something to her and she soon had her tongue deep in Vicky's swollen cunt lips.

Dan took Poppy from behind and I was sucked off by Vicky but I wanted my spunk in my girl Poppy. Dan fucked Vicky as I climbed under Poppy and I let her loose on my cock, riding it until she knew I was going to cum. The result was Dan and I shot loads at almost the same time collapsing next to our girls in a hug and lots of kissing.

The visitors left and poppy and I showered, it was amazingly sexy and sort of loving too, I was able to slip my hard cock in her for one last beautiful fuck, what a woman she is, to this day she is the best sex I have ever had and sure she will never be beaten