Written by jewelscouple

16 Mar 2012

When Paul and I started seeing each other we were at it like rabbits every chance we could, my husband went on quite a few golf trips (well that’s what he told me) and on those days Paul would come and stay with me at my house, sleeping in the matrimonial bed and enjoying lots of fun.

My neighbours were great, and on one ovvasion when Paul was staying they invited us to a party, I appologised that Hubby was away but a work colleague was due to visit and perhaps he would come too (Paul was obviously not a work colleague). Anyway, they agreed that would be fine and looked forward to Friday night and the party. The couple were in their 30’s, a lot younger than us but it didn’t stop me watching Rob with his shirt off in his garden from behind the curtains upstairs, rippling muscles as he worked out and always golden bronze from holidays and sunbathing.

After introducing Paul as my friend sveral people started to arrive and thankfully I didn’t know any of them so enjoyed lots of chat and some flirting with some very handsome men. As the evening got darker and the drink had flowed well I got to at last to chat with Paul who was smitten by our host and told me he had flirted with her all night and she had responded well, I told him that I had my eye on Rob and that I was going in for the kill as soon as possible.

Slow music started, Barry White, sexy and sultry and I saw Paul haul Angela to the dance floor where he pushe hard against her and smooched very sexily, now it was my turn and I grabbed Rob and said he couldn’t let Angela do all the dancing and he happily joined me on the dance area.. He was very brave and at one stage cupped one of my breasts as I pushed hard against him feeling the signs a very nice hard on. I whispered to him… is that my fault? He said well you are just very sexy and I often watched you sunbathing in your garden, with that his hand went back to my breast and stayed there, saying, these look amazing, now pinching the obvious tell tale hard nipple.

Paul was now kissing Angela and we looked across and I said to Rob that they look as if they are enjoying themselves, he agreed and said well we should too then and he kissed me full on the lips, his tongue darting into my mouth and his hand going to my bum pulling me onto his now fully erect cock, as we broke away I slipped a hand between us and felt his hardness, slipping the zip down in the darkness and feeling inside his trousers for what I wanted, my hand slipping over the waistband onto his cock. He was rigid, rock hard and ready.

He suggested we carried our dance on in the garden and we sloped off, the night was warm and a few people were on the patio drinking smoking and laughing, they didn’t notice us go into the dark shaddows. As soon as we were in total darrkness Rob had his hand in my knickers and was finding just how wet and ready I was, my breast were out and he was sucking my nipples and nibbling them, making me cum and breathing heavy, he turned me round and I knew that he wanted to doggy fuck me, he pulled my knickers off and I leant against a small shed nearbly as he dropped his trousers, I felt for his cock and he let me feel it for just a few seconds but he was urgently after entering me.

It took one stroke after he had located my soaking hole and he was in me up to the balls, thrusting away gripping my tits and heaving like it was his first fuck. I wanted his cum but I wanted to suck his cock so iturned around and it plopped out, on my knees I took his huge cock and gently licked the head, tasting my own cum which was sweet and very tasty, I sucked him for several minutes until I could feel the sap rising, I stood up and turned for him to enter me once more which he did with great ease, he fucked hard but not long before his thick creamy spunk was shooting up my pussy, I felt it hit my insides and it made my orgasm one of the best ever.

We subsided slowly and once again I turned to him and I started to suck his cock as it slowly went soft. Then he whispered to me…look, its Angela and Paul, they were coming into the darkness so we hid behind the shed which I had leaned against to watch, as we watched Paul soon had his hand up Angela’s jumper and she was reaching for his cock. I thought Rob was going to go mad but instead his cock stiffened as I held it and he was obviously turned on by the show about to happen. Paul chose to lay Angela down on the grass, stripped her naked except her stockings and was very soon inside her fucking away, Rob was now fingering my hole from behind as he watched what was Angelas first immense orgasm but Paul was relentless and never stopped thrusting hard, Rob was now behind me rubbing his cock head on my cunt as I bent forward hoping he would soon enter again as Paul now was going down on Angela licking her cunt as she screamed with pleasure… I didn’t have to wait long as Rob was like a stallion now and he slipped in me and pumped even harder than the first fuck.

Paul was obviously on his last strokes and was soon shooting what I know to be gallons of his thick cum up Angelas fanny, he sucked he nipples as he subsided and like us, she took his softening cock into her mouth and gently teased his balls.

Now I was about to get my second load of Robs spunk which seemed hotter than ever as it dribbled out and down my legs. Rob took my hand and walked towards the couple on the grass, naked and shattered, I was worried what would happen but Rob bent and kissed Angela and said … that was beautiful to watch darling, and they kissed and held each other tightly.

We all dressed and waited for the other guests to depart when a more serios chat started, Rob said it was the best night of his life and Angela agreed hers too and Rob suggested we took our new partners to bed and enjoy the rest of the night together which Paul and I happily agreed.

Rob and I used the spare room and Paul and Angela the master. In the night we swapped back to our own partners and both couple agreed that the sex they had was the best since married, then back to finish the night with their new partners.

In the morning we told Rob and Angela about Paul and I, but they had guessed some time ago, they also confessed that the evening was slightly contrived so as to get both us sexually engaged, and they sure managed that.

Paul has met Angela since and as for me I get regular fucks from Rob as my neighbour and as my hubby still goes away on his trips.