Written by angel1

23 Apr 2009

The drinks were flowing and everyone was mingling well,the couples were being spoiled by the 5 sexy single men in all the rooms through the evening and my hubby was everywhere videoing it all,as they all gave us their permision.I was in the bar area for awhile making every ones drinks when they wanted them.As it was planned,one couple left,then the second left and they said the night was amazing.By this time i had changed into my black tight hot pants,stockings,high healed shoes,corset and my very short jean skirt on.I did look amazing!

The guys did know that I was to be spoiled at the end of the night,and I felt very horny and nervous too.

I came out the bathroom where i changed and went to make my way down stairs where i was met with my hubby fiming my every move.I then was gently taken by the arm and led into the dungon room where I was cuffed at the hands and feet facing the wall,then blindfolded.I felt hands rub my body all over,then my tight pants were pulled to one side and felt a tounge run up and down the front of my pussy,and then another tounge over my ass hole.It felt amazing.Both nipples were bared and they to had a tounge on each of them.mmmmm,very nice,so my pussy,ass hole and nipples were all being licked and sucked at the same time.After sometime of this,I was uncuffed and led down stairs to the round bed where i was put on.I felt my hot pants taken off then pulled to the edge so my legs dangled over,my blind fold was then taken off as a cock from my left and right went in my mouth and then another edged into my pussy,This was amazing,two in my mouth and one in my pussy fucking me faster and faster.

The one in my pussy then pulled out and was replaced by another,the two in my mouth pulled out and was replaced by the first pussy one and new one.After awhile they all pulled out, then I was lifted and then made to squat on one and pushed forward as a cock enterd my arse hole!Then two in my mouth again,it was lush.The one in my ass spurted in my bum pulled out and was replaced,i heard it swelch up me!!!The cock in my pussy came with a gush and that must of helped the second one up my ass to come to.One in my mouth came and Swollowed the lot.The last one in my mouth pulled out and went behind me and slid in to my twice spunked up arse hole,it slid with eaze!After awhile the third cock up my arse errupted up me mixing with the other two's juices,wat a feeling.We all got up and went to the chill room to relax and drink.I could feel the cum oze out of my arse hole as i walked,but it felt horny as fuck.Hubby was still filming away with a massive hard on in his shorts!After about 30 mins one of the guys took me upstairs to the swing and placed me gently in,making sure my wrists and ankles were firmly fastened,The way I was fastened init made my pussy very accesible and open,so the guy then fed his cock up me and swung the swing back and fourth until he came in me..He pulled out and walked off,2 mins later the other 4 came up,one then put his once more hard cock in me and pumped in and out like a man possesed untill his cock spat its load in me,he pulled out and another cock replaced his,and slipped easaly in,he seemed to cum allmost straight away,(must of loved what he was seeing)the last two came up to me,one went behind and after some moving entered my arse hole and slid right up as the other one slid in my well juiced pussy,they fucked me in rythem.The one up my arse spurted deep inside me,pulling out with a gushing sound.The one in my pussy volcanoed out and filled me with yet more strangers spunk,he pulled out then i was unstrapped from my fuck swing!They all then dressed and thanked us for an amazing night and left.Now my husband had to clean me up!!!!!!!!!