Written by unknown

8 Jun 2008

sorry i had to leave the story & now make it a 2 parter, i think i left it on the beach as i said i rubbed cream on his back and my nipples rubber against him i thought i was going to cum with excitment i lay down again he offered to do the same but i said i'm ok knowing he'd see a damp patch in my bikini if i let him. about an hour or so passed by i said i'm off for siesta he said i'll walk back with you it was only 20 or 30 yards he said look lets get one more drink at the pool bar i said ok. one led to two & three etc before i knew it it was about 6pm his friends came back they were teasing him a bit about the trip but he said he was just relaxing and met me anyway they all wandered off to get showered for there night out, off i went as well he was in the hotel while i was in a cabin in the grounds next to the gardens he walked me back and said hopefully i'll see you later, well i got into the room and was so horny i had to masterbate then after i had relieved myself i went into the shower as i was showering there was a knock at the door the cabin was air conditioned but i left all the windows open so i could look out to the sea anyway i shoted one moment wrapped a towel around me to answer i could see it was him at the door i felt my pussy twitch and felt so horny again and there's never cheated in 20yrs of marriage i answered he said sorry to disturb you but we are having a few drinks and a meal about 8 would you like to join us as i know it's the last night of your holiday and your on your own. i hesitated he could tell and reassured me i would have a good time so i said ok as long as we dont have to dress up he said shorts & t/shirts just casual so i said 8pm it is going back into the shower i frigged myself again thinking of another guy making love to me, 8pm arrived i was wearing a casual dress with a low top and tight fitting waist band it hung to just above my knee they were there drinking laughing as soon as they saw me there eyes nearly popped out so we had a few drinks they were coaxing me to drink shots etc and i did the drinks were flowing but they didn't realise i kept throwing mine away so i knew what i was doing as the night went on they started to trundle off to the local club there was only 3 guys left the one on the beach and another two one tall guy about 40 the other guy about 37/38 and stocky built. we drank until about 1.30 am nobody tried anything they were Gentlemen i was aching with excitement and nervous incase they did but really wanting them to, so i made my excuses and went to bed kissing them on the cheek saying have a great holiday off i went as i arrived back to the cabin the guy from the beach shouted you've left this i turned and as he approached i said what he had nothing with him just took me in his arms and kissed me i responded straight away his tongue down my throat mine down his i couldn't believe i was doing this i opened the door without a word we stood inside kissing he started to fondle my breasts my nipples were arrect he licked them over my dress his hand rubbing my thighs and around my bottom running his finger up & down my bum slit he started to kiss my neck i just melted just then my mobile rang it was my hubby i pulled away saying shhhhh as i answered it as i had to i sat on the couch he was asking am i ok what i was doing etc as i was talking this guy was kissing my thighs just then he lifted my bum and lifted up my dress revieling my thong he started to pull it down over my knees i couldn't resist i just looked at him talking on the phone as he started to kiss up my now open thighs to my pussy i was holding his hair as he licked me trying not to make a sound as hubby was on the other end of the phone but it made me so much hornier knowing i was about to get fucked and he would'nt know a thing about it and it was really all his doingi said good night to hubby and then i cum in his face as he licked and fingered me he stood me up and lifted the dress off me not saying a word the room was lit with the veranda light he opened the window shutters so it was cooler and more romantic he lay me down and dropped his pants he asked me to suck him off i'd never done this in years as my hubby didn't like it i loved every inch of him taking him all while he fingered me to another orgasm just then i heard a muffled sound and could see it was his 2 mates looking in at us he had told them about were iwas staying i found this very very exciting and cum again he then entered me pushing his throbbing cock right up me with one thrust i screamed in delight as he pounded me he told me to turn over on my knees it has been yrs for that as well as mitionary position was all hubby ever done as i did he started to lick me from behind then said your a dirty fucking bitch are'nt you i found this exciting someone saying this as he was licking meeee i answered yes if you say so , he said im going to show you whata dirty fucker you are just then i could feel him beckoning his friends in as he rode me from behind i was a bit frightened but my excitement over took that and one of the guys started fondling my tits as he rode me and put his fat cock into my mouth wow i was so horny and i cum three times one after another i could see he was coming as he started to groan then one more thrust he emptied himself inside of me i felt it running out and down my thighs hot and wet soon after his friend cum all over my face i was still on my knees i saw the othr guy wanking and he shot himself over my tits i collapsed exsausted and covered / full of spunk i couldn't believe i'd just let three strangers fuck me the two left and the other stayed all night shagging me another three times and he gave me anal which i'd never had before it was good . so hubby you'll never know about this i'm letting all your friends on this site know as you dont go on it now as i deleted it from your favourites so they can all wank over me instead of you wanking over porn.