Written by chris_peak

24 Feb 2014

I was out walking with my good lady at the weekend and thought I would share this with you. she knows I come on this site but it has never really interested her, after umpteen years of being together she lets me get on with it. anyhow we were out walking in a local park and it was very quiet, after a short while she said she needed to pee. it was quite a walk back to the car park where there was a toilet and she said she would not be able to make it. I told her to go behind a tree and I would keep an eye out for anyone who maybe about. she said no at 1st but then the desire to pee became too much lol. she had to go so, tree picked she pulled her skirt up exposing her stocking tops which gave me a semi hard on just looking. she then pulled her knickers to one side and exposed her shaven cunt and proceeded to pee. My cock immediately went hard seeing what she was doing I got my dick out and started wanking. she saw what I was doing and told me to put it away as someone would see. there was nobody at all around so I continued stroking my now rock hard cock, I think it must of surprised my good lady as she passed comment that she had not seen it that hard for a while. By this point she had done peeing and had straightened herself up but I still had my cock out. I told her it would be a shame to let it go to waste and as nobody was around asked her to give it a stroke. she came over and took my hard cock in her cold hand which was kinda nice. she slowly wanked my dick while I squeezed her bum. to my surprise she then bent down and took my dick into her mouth and sucked, licked, flicked her tongue all over my cock. I tried to get my hands inside her knickers to get at her cunt and eventually managed it. her cunt was soaking wet with her juices and I easily slipped two then three fingers up her and finger fucked her for all I was worth. she was sucking away on my cock and with my fingers up her cunt I could feel my orgasm fast approaching. I told her I was about to come.shetook my cock from her mouth and started to wank my cock hard. I replaced her hand with mine and told her I wanted to come over her face, she squatted down and opened her mouth. a big jet of come exploded from my dick and hit her cheek the next one flew onto her face and landed on her lips, she licked her lips and sucked my come into her mouth. she then took my cock into her mouth and sucked me dry. she finally stood up and wiped her face with a tissue before calling me a dirty bastard. she still had some come on her cheek which I nearly did not tell her about but thought better of it. I wiped it away with my finger and told her to open her mouth and got her to suck my juice off her finger. we both straightened up before walking back to the car. when we got home we had the most horny fuck we had had in a long time but that's another story.