Written by susantapner

11 Nov 2013

me and my boyfriend went out to a party it was fucking great we got so turnt on by some of the people there a few of the girls there had short skirts on and when they sat down or bent over we cud see there pussy ! my boyfriend looked at me as if to say can i go closer to them so i said ok baby no probs ! one of the girls purpusly droped her purse on the floor she knew wot she was doing so i went over and started to play with her wet pussy she was suprised wen she turnt arond and see a woman touching her but her cunt then got really wet and by this time my mans cock was getting real hard i could see it growing in his trousers i asked her nicely to touch his dick for me cause i wanted him to get real fucking hard i cud see his face changing with delight this then turnt me the fuck on not only were my panties wet but my nipples had gone so fucking hard !!! well me being the dirty slut iam , i needed more from this girl i just felt so fucking horny and i cud see my man was gagging to put his cock in her ! i spoke to her and to my supprise she is bi sexual , that was it i think me and my man nearly cum in our pants . i asked her if all three of us cud head to the tolilets she was more than willing ! we all went in to one cubicle and took my mans trousers and boxers down his cock was so hard it was throbbing i told the girl to suck his dick so i cud watch and play with my self cause my pussy was ready to gush thats how turnt on i was and watching her suck his cock well i felt so over excited that i had to lick that wet pussy of hers i mean come on it was in my face and i need to lick that sweet wet ness she tasted so good that i made my man lick her to whilst he fingered me ohh my good i gushed everywhere and she was begging and pleading for more so it was then time for my man to stick his cock rite up her wot a lovely sight to see my man with his cock hanging out of some girl we dnt even know ,i cud see the wetness of her pussy sliding down his cock and around his bulls so i licked them clean ! they then swaped position he bent her rite over u cud see her sexy cunt in full veiw me and my man both tasted this wet cunt at the same time he stuck his tounge up her and drank her sexy tasting pussy whilst i licked sucked and gentley nibbled her clit to stimulate her more ! the horny bitch squirrted eveywhere all round our faces it was fucking great ! i then demanded my bloke to fk her again in doggy style so she can lick my pussy cause it was dripping so much it was running down my legs , now this girl really knew how to lick a cunt she was so on rubbing it round her face to get the pussy smell everywhere she cud ! my man see my face so full of pleasure that it turnt him on even more he said he needed to cum real bad ! i told him to spunk up her so she cud feel it hitting the top of her cunt ,awww her face wen he shot his load she looked so sexy she loved it ! my man put his cock in my mouth so i cud clean it of in my mouth and this i was more than willing to do but the best bit was drinking his cum out of her !!! after this we all left the toilet and carried the nite on like we had never meet !