Written by unknown

2 Dec 2007

The house next door to us had been unoccupied for some time,and on arriving home from work one day,i was surprised to see a young couple unloading boxes and items of furniture from a van.I asked my wife did she know them and she said "no",But she said,"i wouldnt mind knowing him,to which i replied "and i wouldnt mind knowing her".i put an age of about 28 on him and 26 on her,We didnt see them after that first day for about a week,they never seemed to come out of the house.Then one Saturday evening we were in our local pub for a quiet drink when they walked in,They saluted us but didnt join our company,they sat on their own in a corner.My wife said "did you see the bulge in his trousers" i said i didnt,because i was too busy looking at his wifes mini skirted legs.As we sat there a friend of ours came over and sat down on a stool across from my wife.i knew he was only trying to get a look up my wifes short skirt.He asked ,"had we met the new neighbours yet" and we told him we had only met them the once as they were moving in,he said he knew them,and he could tell us e few stories about them.my wife and myself were so used to his bullshit that we didnt even bother to ask him what he knew.but as it turned out we didnt have to ask him because we found out ourselves.about a week later my wife told me that someone had stolen a pair of her sexy knickers off the clothes line,and a couple of days after that another pair went missing,my wife said she was going to put out a couple of pairs of her sexiest knickers,and she was going to sit at the window in the back bedroom which overlooked the clothes line in our back garden,and try to see who was stealing her knickers.When i came home from work one evening she told me this amazing story.She had put five pairs of her knickers out on the clothes line and took up her position in the back bedroom.after about an hour and a half she saw our neighbours go out in their garden,they stood talking for a while and then the man left her and went into the house,Within two minutes there was a knock on our front door,my wife went to the front bedroom window to ask who was there,but as she looked out she saw our neighbour walking out our gate,She was going to call out to him but decided to let him go.she went back to her post by the window and saw the husband going back out into the garden.And what happened next made her so wet she had to wank her pussy as she looked out the window.The husband jumped over our fence and grabbed a pair of my wifes white skimpy knickers,he threw them over the fence to his wife,and then climbed back over the fence to join his wife.My wife is sure that he had knocked at our door to see if we were at home,and when he got no reply he assumed we were out.he didnt attempt to hide what he was doing,He opened his belt and dropped his trousers down to his ankles,he didnt have any shorts on,my wife said when she saw what was hanging between his legs,her hand automatically went to her pussy.She said she had never seen a cock so big,he stood in front of his wife and started wanking his cock,which started to grow even bigger,his wife started rubbing my wifes knickers up against his balls and she wrapped them around his cock,my wife was wanking her clit at this stage,and she could tell by the look on the husbands face that he was close to coming.When he did finally shoot his come,his wife held the knickers in front of him and he shot what my wife called "a pint of spunk" all over her knickers.When he had wanked every drop out of his cock,he lifted his wifes skirt and started rubbing the wet knickers against his wifes cunt.she opened her legs and lifted her skirt all the way up her hips.My wife could see she had no knickers on,and she went raving mad as she was getting her nusbands spunk rubbed on her cunt from my wifes knickers.at this stage my wife had dropped her own knickers and had wanked her clit to a beautiful come.The couple next door retreated to their own house, and my wife got on the bed and wanked herself again, thinking of that huge cock.Little did i know the scheming ways of a woman.My wife told me "Come hell or high water she was going to get that big cock up her" so the following day she set about getting fucked by our neighbour.She went out to the clothes line,took down her knickers,and replaced them with another few pairs.She went to the oppisite side of the clothes line,which put her looking over the line at our neighbours house,she stayed at the line glancing at the windows of the house next door,she saw the curtain moving slightly and knew she was being watched.before she went out she had left off her knickers,when she knew they were watching her, she lifted her skirt and rubbed a pair of the knickers off her cunt,She saw the pair of them looking at her through the curtains,she put the knickers on the line and started wanking her clit,the man came to the back door and my wife pretended she didnt see him and kept on wanking.He had no shame,he walked directly to the fence and said to my wife "you have a lovely pussy" my wife pretending to be surprised said "how long have you been there"long enough to see that beautiful cunt he said" just then his wife came out and asked my wife if she would like a cup of tea,my wife said yes and said she would be out in a moment,she went in home and wanked her clit to make her cunt nice and wet and then went next door,when she went in the first thing she noticed was the size of the bulge in the husbands trousers,she also noticed that the wife had a skirt on that was only just covering her cunt.the woman brought in the tea and sat oppisite my wife and slightly opened her legs, my wife saw that she had no knickers on,so my wife opened her legs slightly and saw the woman looking down at her cunt.the husband went out of the room and his wife said "ill bet he is gone out to the kitchen to have a wank"and my wife as bold as brass said "why cant he have one in here"would you mind asked the wife,id love to watch him said my wife,so she called her husband in,and told him he could wank in front of them,my wife thought his cock was big from a distance,but when she was up close to it she thought it would split her in two if she got it up her,but as she said herself "if she was going to die,she was going to die happy".When he started wanking he asked my wife to show him her cunt which she did,she lifted her skirt a played with her clit,his wife lifted her skirt and also played with her pussy,the man went over to my wife and knelt down in front of her, he opened her legs and moved in between them,and started to rub his huge cock up and down her slit,she moved out to the edge of the seat and he pushed the head of his cock into her,she was in heaven,he reached around her with both his arms and pulled her towards him,in doing this he drove his cock up to the hilt,my wife said he was so big that he was hurting her,but she didnt get long to feel the pain,the wife went over and started kissing her and rubbed her tits,my wife put her hand between the womans legs and started finger fucking her.it wasnt long before the husband started ramming it well up my wife,at this stage she didnt care about the pain,the woman said "oh god im going to come" my wife said she was also coming and the husband asked my wife if it would be ok to shoot his spunk up her,she said oh jesus yes,i want to feel that big cock exploding inside me,so he filled her cunt with spunk,at the same time his wife came all over my wifes hand,and my wife came all over his cock.when he had filled my wifes cunt he pulled out and he was still rock hard,he layed his wife down on the floor and got up on her,as he was fucking her he asked my wife to give his wife a taste of her pussy,my wife straddled his wifes mouth and pushed her cunt on to her waiting lips.when they had all come again,they took my wife up stairs and both the husband and wife fucked my wife several times.When i got home my wife told me all about it,and i took her up to bed,it was lovely fucking her pussy because it was so full of spunk it was soaking wet.she told me that the husband asked her would there be a chance of the four of us having a fuck.she told him "no problem" she told him that i would love to fuck his wife.so now i am just going to finish this story,because we have been invited out next door for a drink "i know what ill be drinking" pussy juice,and anyway i want to see this cock, and see if my wife was bluffing me.if everything goes well i will let you know how we got on "wish me luck"