Written by unknown

13 Apr 2008

My wife and i decided to go out for dinner last night to a wonderful Mexican restaraunt we know. Monique looked her usual stunning sexy self wearing a sheer blouse, short skirt, 100% nylon stockings, her retro suspender belt and no panties. when she came downstairs i nearly shot my load there and then as she looked so sexy but managed to contain myself. As we ate we talked about dogging and with mon dressed so sexily we decided to have a look at a popular local site. So after we finished eating we then headed off to our spot at about 10.30. As we pulled into the car park it was empty and our hearts sank a little, after all this was our first time and we thought it would be a hive of activity. I parked the car anyway and we decided to sit and wait for a while to see what happened, well after about five minutes we were still the only car in the car park and begining to think we were in the wrong place when out of nowhere two guys suddenly strolled right passed our car. Both Mon and i were nervous as we have never done anything like this before but as the guys walked away we noticed that they were hovering just behind some bushes. We weren't sure what to do but Mon said we could try and give them a litte show and with that she slipped off her coat and removed her bra (must have been the sangria) without a moments hesitation. We started kissing and fondling with windows closed and lights off for a while, then Mon knelt on her seat and leant across and started to give mea mindblowing blow job. As she sucked and locked on my cock i made sure her skirt had ridden up revealing her sexy arse and pussy, then started to rub her clit. I noticed that the guys had moved a little closer so decided to let them know it was okay for them to come right up to the car. I opened the windows a little and put on the interier light at which Mon sat back in her seat and put her long sexy legs and feet on the dash board and started to slowly wank her hot pussy. Mon was really getting in to it because she opened her blouse and let her 38DD boobs into view, she then pulled her vibtrator out and while carressing her gorgeous tits, was wanking hard with her vib. I leant across and licked and sucked on her beautiful nipples which really got her going. she pushed that vib in and out of her soaking wet pussy harder and faster, moaning louder and louder until she had one of the most powerful and intense orgasms ever. She was screaming and moaning while all the time her body was quivering and shaking as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. As mon's climax finaly subsided she pulled her vib out of her pussy, knelt on her seat again making sure her pussy and arse was on show to the guys, started sucking on my throbbing cock. She then pushed her sopping wet vib slowly into her arse and started to fuck her tight bum hole, the sight of which had both guys openly wanking their hard cocks furiously. I told Mon to turn and watch which she did, and upon seeing the guys wanking, she pushed her vib faster and faster in and out of her arse until she came hard again. After her second orgasm Mon left the vib sticking out of her bum and returned to licking and sucking my hard throbbing cock, letting my spunk rise and fall in my shaft. It wasn't long before Mon was bobbing her head up and down faster and faster on my cock sucking like a mad thing until finaly i exploded my hot spunk hard down her throat. I have never had an orgasm like it and as Mon lifted her head and sucked in the last few drops of my cum she leant across and we kissed passionately and i tasted my cum in her mouth. We took a couple of minutes to compose ourselves and then drove home both determined to come back soon, and hopefuly get a chance to watch another couple enjoying themselves.