Written by Lord Summerisle

5 Apr 2014

In that long hot summer of 1976 I was a hormone-filled youngster of 22 still living at home and enjoying the single-life pleasures of women and alcohol. Our next door neighbour was an attractive mid-30s brunette with a shapely body which belied the fact that she was a mother of two. Her husband had disappeared off with a woman who lived down the road, in my opinion no where near as attractive as “J”, leaving her with the two kids to look after.

During the heatwave we had that year I was very often delighted by the sight of J sunbathing on her sunlounger in her tiny black bikini which left nothing to the imagination and we often exchanged pleasantries over the low hedge between the two gardens. My parents were away on holiday and I was left with the task of watering the plants in the greenhouse while they were away and as I walked down the garden J asked how the tomatoes, peppers etc were doing in the heatwave. I told her that they were doing ok and did she want to see them, she said “yes” and as she walked down our garden path I felt a stirring as her beautifully shaped boobs bounced up and down. Once in the greenhouse I explained about all the plants and then I needed to get past her in the narrow space. As I squeezed behind her she thrust her pert bum back into my groin and I swear it wasn't accidental. On impulse I gently planted a kiss on the back of her neck not knowing whether it would be accepted or rebuffed. I was soon to find out as she turned and kissed me deeply pushing her tongue into my mouth and rubbing the growing bulge in my jeans. “Not here” she said as she led me to my father's garden shed. “What about the kids?” I asked. “They are at the seaside for the day with their friends and their friends' parents” she answered. In the shed she became rampant saying “I've missed the touch of a man for the past six months since K left” and kissed me as we stood there. I removed her bikini top to let free her magnificent boobs with their lovely dark nipples and planted a row of kisses from her neck to a nipple then once it was erect I moved to the other one. I then moved down and knelt in front of her and removed her bikini pants to reveal a beautifully hairy bush... this being the 70s shaving was virtually unheard of. I parted the hair and revealed a very wet pair of lips and prominent clit. It took only a few licks for her to have a shuddering climax after which she turned her back on me and as the Americans might say “assumed the position” hands on the wall and feet apart and said “fuck me hard and I don't mind if it turns out to be a quicky, there's plenty of the summer left”. I asked about contraception and it turned out that despite her hubby having done a runner she was still on the pill to regulate her periods. With that I quickly undressed and stood behind her, she stuck her bum out and wiggled it and I could wait no longer. I rubbed my bell-end along her moist pussy lips and with one thrust entered her to the hilt in one go as she was so well lubricated, I just went for it and soon filled her pussy with cum in a massive climax which left my legs trembling. We kissed passionately again and she asked what I was doing that evening and would I like to come round when the kids had come back and were safely tucked up in bed to share a bottle of red and have some more fun less hurried and more relaxed. Of course my answer was “yes” despite plans for the pub. Needless to say we had plenty more fun that summer, fitting in when my parents were out and her kids were at school until finally her hubby saw the error of his ways and returned to her. I thought that would be the end of things but she had empowered herself and had a new found confidence and her conditions for him returning were that she could enjoy us both at the same time.... but that's another story!!