Written by Unknown

3 Dec 2008

had write and tell you about a recent meet.we hadnt seen a and j for ages as they stopped seeing us as they thought that we were getting to close.out of the blue j phoned my wife and said it would be good to catch up.my wife arranged for us to go the other night.i had been away for two weeks working and was looking forward to getting home for some fun,the wife told me that i would have to shower and change as we were due at their house early evening.when we arrived we hugged each other like lost friends and went in for drinks.during the conversation they said they had met one other couple after us but things hadnt moved on.after a few drinks my wife got up and went and sat on a lap and started to kiss him.i got j by the hand and took her upstairs.once inside the bedroom we started to undress each other until we both stood naked,j cuddled up to me and our tongues exploredeach others mouths.i whispered in her ear that i had been away and hadnt had a bunk-up for nearly two weeks and if she played her cards right she would get a bellyfull to which she let out a purr and led me to the bed.i lay her down and began licking her pussy,she writhed and was panting heavily,we got into a 69 and she began sucking up and down on my cock,just then the other two came in and climbed in next to us my wife getting on top of a and riding him as i got on top of j and stuck my length up her.we were all shagging away when i heard my wife whisper something to a who pulled out and stood up my wife moving in front of him,he started to wank in front of her face,i moved j into the doggy position and fucked her as i watched a let out a grunt and shot spunk all aover my wifes face and mouth.i could feel my balls tingling and pulled out of j to do the same but wasnt quick enough and shot loads over her arse and back.without any word my slut of a wife moved and started to lick up my cum off her back and swallowed the lot.we calmed down and lay talking for ages and a asked us if we would consider the other couple joining our group which we have agreed to.