Written by johnpleaser

10 Nov 2009

I've recently Von through a messy seperation and a buddy of mine invited me round as his other half was going out with the girls. I turned up at around seven and my buddy had ordered pizza and got a few movies to watch. When I arrived his other half was getting ready for her girly night out. The pizzaswernt due for forty five minutes and and my buddy had already had a few beers I offered to run her into town. She came down stairs wearing a short skirt which showed of her amazing legs and a tight top showing plenty of clevage which I couldn't keep my eyes off I've ways thought she was a stunning looking woman she's 28 and looks 21. She accepted my offer to run her into town and we made small talk until I dropped her if to meet her friends. I returned and watched the various films with my buddy and the night passed with out inciedent. My buddys girl friend phoned him to say she was leaving soon and wouldn't be long and as I hadn't had a drink I offered to pick her up my buddy relayed the message and again she excepted. I drove to town I collected my mates partner and friend from out side a well known vodka bar. They were both quite drunk and talking about what they liked in bed. We dropped her friend of and set of home. On the way my mates other half starts apologizing saying that I might not get much sleep as she was feeling really Horney and was going to jump my buddy when she got home I replied lucky man and shortly after we got back to hers. I opened the door and went inside and said I was going to grab a shower. I had my shower got dressed and started to desend down the stairs hearing moaning for. My mates other half. With a sly smile on my face I crept down stairs to be greeted by by buddy on his knees and his other half sitting on the sofa her skirt hitched up to her waist and my friend busy pleasuring her with his tongue. I could tell she was close ot cuming by her breathing and moaning she opened her eyes and spotted me at which point I froze like a rabbit caught in a cars headlights she just gave me a smile and week pushing my mates head harder into her as she came. She then got up and proceeded to undo my mates jeans tIe his cock out which was rock hard and suck for all she was worth. She moved her tongue up and down his shaft grabbing his ass and then trying to deep throaty him which caused her to gag. I couldn't believe what I was seeing I'd alwalys fa cued her and though my mate was luckly to have found such and attractive partner. He didn't las long unloading in her mouth and I watched as she swallowed every drop and continued to suck and lick his cock until he was hard she the. Said she wanted to to feel him inside her. As my buddy moved into position he spotted me watching on the stairs and smiled and pointed to the Rm chair opposite to where they were having sex I felt a little nervous but sT down to enjoy the rest of the show. I think having me watching increased the mood as my buddy pulled her panties to one side and entered her from behind as she started talking dirty about how she lied to be fucked hard and how she wanted home to five it to her hard which supprised me as she's usually so quiet. My mate was getting close to shooting his load for a second time and pulled out as he didn't want to cum yet. She responded with dissappionted moan and said she needed him back inside and not to stop. I couldn't hide my hard inane was desperate to release it from my jeans she noticed this turned to my buddy and said can I have you both my buddy was a little drunk and said if that's what she needed that's what she would get. I lookeked at him shocked and he smiled and sId don't keep the lady waiting. I didn't need asking twice I got up and moved over to her And she reached out undid my belt buttons and reached I and took hold of my cock guiding it slowly into her warm inviting mouth rubbing the top of her tongue on the bottom of my shaft I've never felt such pleasure in

my life. My mate then started to fuck her again and wasn't far of cumming judging by his breathing his partner struggled to keep my in her mouth while he pounded her from behind I moved away as my buddy started to groan and pulled out she tuned round and took his cock in her mouth and milked him for a second time it's was su h ia turn on to watch. She continued to suck his cock stopping only to suck his balls and lick to the tip of his cock. She then looked up at us both and said so which one of you boys is going to give it to me now my buddyookex at me and pointed to his partners gorgeous small tight ass with a smile I asked are you sure about this to which he replied if you don't want to you don't have to. I then moved behind her teasing her swallon pussy with the tip of my cock she turned and asked my to put on a condom which I did and slide myself inside her she felt so good hot warm and tight as I slid inside her she tightened her pussy and it gripped my cock my buddy was having his cocked sucked with such force I thought she was trying to lull it off. I've never seen a woman suck a cock with such vigour. She then stopped and said between breaths in my ass again I looked at my buddy and he just smiled so I with drew and gently slid a finger the two into her ass moving back and forth to her dripping pussy to help lube her passage and keep her turned on. I then placed my cock at her ass enterance and gently pushed the head of my cock inside her slowing working every inch into her until she took my full lenght. She was back to sucking my buddy and trying to moan at the.same time I was tring my best to not cum but it was so hard looking at my cock working it's way in and out of her tight gorgeous ass and then looking up to see her with cock in her mouth. I slowed my pace right down to put of shooting my load as i did so my buddy groaned as he unloaded his cum into her mouth again she swallowed every drop. I then started to quicken my pace and she could sense I was about to cum as well she turned to me on her knees removed the condom and slid my cock into her mouth grabbing it with her hand as she fed the rest of it into her mouth moving back and forth I couldn't hold back any longer and groaned as I shot every thing I had into her mouth to my supprise she swallowed that as well. We all relaxed and talked about what had happened my buddy and his partner then went to bed and I sat up for a while thinking about what had happened. Thenext morning we had breakfast and they said that it was there first time with any one else and asked at some piont inthe future if I would take part again I agreed and carn't wait for my friends partner to have another girly night out.