Written by hello99

16 Jan 2009

Myself and a girl from work always got on OK and swapped storys out what we did when we went out so I asked her one night would she like to go and see a film with me.

She agreed and said that she'd drive. So she picked me up and off we went to watch the film all very normal. After the film we had a quick drink in a pub on the way back to the car.

Once back in the car the night carried on as normal as before, it was not until we got back to my house when things changed !

Got back to my house and because at the time was living with my family we sat in the car for a few minutes taking, I thought it wa time to let her go home so I just leaned over to give her a kiss go night with this she stuck her tongue down my throat ! This sent my cock hard in seconds so I started to to do the same back to her.

In a few seconds my hands we on her tits and then in side her top and feeling her rock hard nipples. At this point I moved my hand down to her legs and started to move up between them until I reach her clit which was very wet and once I reached it she started to pant. It this point a suggested that we move the car to somewhere a bit more out of the way as we were sat in the street at this point, this she agreed at once and we moved.

A few minutes later we were on top of a mountain in the dark and with no one around. I went straight back to her clit and started to finger fuck her, she was now kinckerless and enjoying it. At the time I did not know that she was still a virgin and nor used to do this sort of thing. My cock by now was rock hard and waiting to be touched so I undid ny jeans and put her hand on my cock which she started to rub.

I now went back to work on her, got her tits out so I could suck them while I finger fucked her. After about 10 minutes she came all over my fingers which tasted so nice, I asked her to lay back so I could fuck her, she sayed no to this (as I mentioned she was a virgin) because of no protection, so instead between to the two of us we made me cum also. Once cleaned up she took me home.

The next day is work there was a bit of touching which on the next few days lead to her nolonger being a virgin - that's another story