Written by mattalpha

19 Mar 2012

I had already been to the privatly owned shop a couple of times before but was struggling to find a new suit that i needed. i had gone back as after looking at a few other shops i thought that this one offered the best chances of finding what i was after.

The woman who worked there came over and laughed as i was looking at what was on offer on the rails " you again " she said.

i just cant make my mind up i explained, i just cant seem to find any thing these days every thing looks the same and im after something different.

She smiled well ive seen you here 3 times now this week i think, ill see if i can help and if theres nothing here perhaps i can order something in for you.

i had noticed her before but this was the first time i had spoken to her and perhaps the first time she had been in the mood to help as she had seemed a bit reluctant before. Perhaps it was the first time too that i had noticed how nice she looked, she was much older than me about twenty years older, blonde short hair, white shirt and black tight trousers.

we spent a bit of time looking with her showing me what was in the shop and during that time started to get on well joking about how kids wore there jeans around their anckles and the like.

she then after a while said do you know would you mind if i picked out what i thought you would look good in. of course not i said im open to ideas.

she had perhaps dropped a few hints already but i hadnt picked up on them , but then she dropped the biggest yet...... i think youve got a great bum so perhaps we need to find something to show it off . i laughed oh thanks i chuckled.

as she started holding up more suits she started getting closer and closer to me, i was starting to feel really comfortable with her and really now started to find her very attractive.

At last her idea was paying off and she held up something i liked the look of, go and try this on she said nodding towards the cubicles.

Ok i will i like the look of that.

i had only just taken off my own trousers when from outside i heard her voice, How do they look ?

Hang on i havent got them on yet i laughed again.

But half way through saying it the curtain had been pulled back, oi i stuttered..... oh sorry she said i thought you was dressed.

I knew that she didnt, but i couldnt believe my luck, surely this couldnt be happening ? Nobody does this ?

I shyly laughed again its ok, a few seconds seemed to take for hours until i thought id take my chances. i hoped that i had not been mistaken surely i hadnt ?

she was still standing in the cubicle holding on to the curtain just a couple of feet away, i lent forward stood in my t-shirt and boxers. There seemed to be a mile gap between us in my head which really was only inches, loads of room for her to back away and shout at me for trying to kiss her.

But she didnt she met me half way her older mouth opened and she pushed her tounge onto mine, her hand was very quickly on the front of my shorts and before i knew it my hard cock was in her hand. i had no time to undress her and it seemed as though every thing was more about me.

she quickly stroked my cock wanking it harder as we kissed, i could feel myself leaking already in her hand as she pulled my skin firmly back.

I stopped kissing coming up for air i held her head with my hand next to mine.

Her hand working hard on my cock tugging it .

i moaned in her ear which only made her wank me harder.

I love older woman and have fantasised a lot about the milf thing.

I unbuttoned her top to show her gorgeous boobs sitting in a tight bra, i managed to ease one out so it just hung over the cup that had kept it secure before now.

Then before i could do any thing with it she got on her knees before me, looking up she smiled holding my now dripping cock beside her face. thoughts rushed through my mind surely this can not be happening, things like this just do not happen.

Then to prove it does as i was looking down her mouth opened, she moved her head over my cock and took it quickly in her mouth.

Fuck i moaned her mouth taking my cock so deeply she clasped her lips around it and started to suck on its head.

i tried to pull away a little as i didnt want to cum but it seemed that that is all she wanted to make me do. i conitinued to watch as she wanked my cock into her mouth. working harder and harder she continued to suck while tugging on its shaft.

her naked boob moving and swaying as she pulled me tight into her.

i wondered what the rest of her looked like, i wanted to see how wet her pussy was, i wanted to see how her pussy was held tight in her knickers that must surely be soaked by now, but something was telling me that i wasnt going to find out today.

again i tried to pull out but she was hungry and pulled on my arse to keep attached to me.

She wanked harder, sucked harder the force was amazing, she looked up at me as i watched her, her eyes alive and sending me a message that she wanted me to cum.

I heldon to her head starting to fuck her mouth while she wanked me harder, My god i want your pussy i cried, but she just kept sucking.

Then i knew , i could feel the force of my cum in the tip of my throbbing cock. i held her head tight and she pulled the skin back once more.

God i cried again, my knees buckled as i felt the first load shoot into her mouth, her mouth clamped hard around me her lips already looked as though they were holding back my juice.

Again and again i came hard thrusting into her feeling the warm wetness around the tip.

Her mouth must have been full, as she slowly pulled away. as she did another sticky load left my cock hitting her cheeck, another shooting across her chest as she continued to tug on me. My knees were shot, i had to hold myself up by clinging to her.

The cum on her chest was half covering her top and half covering her naked boob. she continued to wank me getting the last of the cum out. As she did she smiled opening her mouth as she did, my cum poured from her mouth running down her chin and dripped on the floor and her nipple.

God i said for the final time i did not expect that today.

She laughed and grinned, neither did i !