Written by dobin

19 Oct 2015

Its been a long time since I had met anyone from this site for some extra mariatal fun, I suppose in that time as age crept on I had lost confidence and even worried if I was able to ‘rise’ to the occasion should it ever happen again, coupled with what seemed an ever increasing waistline things looked pretty grim.

However just after Christmas I started a chat with a lady, also in Essex, and we hit it off straight away, our chats became more intimate in time and soon pictures were passing between us and then the odd telephone call. Finally I plucked up courage to ask to meet and last month arrangements were made. I had already expressed my concerns to her and she likewise was worried how things would go, also being a long time since anything sexual had passed by her door.

Just by chatting my confidence grew, a diet sorted out the excess belly and was soon in my car driving towards our meeting. She lived in a one bed maisonette in a quiet area and as soon Diane opened the door I felt relaxed, she was stunning, well dressed, huge smile and the huge breasts seen in our passing pictures were very promenent. Asking me in, a quick kiss, mmmm a delicious smelling perfume she asked if I wanted coffee or tea. I followed her into the kitchen as she busied herself with the kettle and once it was on I moved in to kiss her again.

She tasted lovely and our kisses were soon as expected, deep and sexy, only stopping to make coffee. Walking into the lounge we sat on the settee and soon resumed kissing with my hands feeling those amazing breasts, openeing the buttons on her blouse slowly revealing a bra that was restricting my pleasure, but, her hand had now moved to feel my ever increasing cock, and started to undo belt and zip to get her hand into my jockey’s. grasping and pulling on my cock she asked me to stand, and soon I was naked below the waist and a hot wet mouth encircled my cock, so stripping off my shirt, standing naked I lifted he up to stand and kiss her. She gripped my cock and said … bed, walking with her holding my cock she guided me into the bedroom, I moved behind her and faced the mirror as I undid here blouse and removed it, the huge bra catch was soon open and they tummbled out for me to grope and tease as we looked in the mirror.

I unhooked her skirt, dropping it to the floor as she stepped out of it, she wore very small thin knickers and I could cee the camel toes and a very damp patch, slipping my fingers in the waistband I slipped them slowly to the floor just leaving her standing in hold up dark stockings. Standing behind her as a fumbled with her boobs, my cock strained against her bum as she leant forward a little and just opened her legs my cock was able to slide along her crack until I felt the wet juicy fleshy pussy lips on the head.

She then bent fully over giving me access to her now dripping wet hole and I was soon sliding into the most amazing pussy that took my whole length with ease, her hand carressed my balls between her legs and soon I was feeling the need to shoot my spunk and slowed down to preserve the moment, and moved us both to the bed. Climbing between her legs I was soon looking at a perfect shaved pussy and my tongue soon found that little pleasure button that sent her off into an amazing shuddreing orgasm, wow what a start to a day after so long abstinent.

We were soon fucking in all positions stopping only to regain our breath and walk naked to the kitchen to actually drink a coffee, she fondle my softening cock although still semi hard. We had talked a lot about many things over the months chatting on line, especially our fantasies and it was no surprise to find that my well-known fantasy of having two women in my bed was the same as hers of wanting two men. Fantasies are what they are, and although in the past I had achieved a few 3-way sessions when this site was at its height, it was still to me just a fabulous fantasy.

We went back to bed and I was soon deep inside her when the door bell rang, putting on a dressing gown she slipped out and was soon talking to someone outside. I was laying there naked and still hard as hell when she came in followed by her friend… christ, what was happening? I had nothing to hide myself with and just lay there and said hello, the lady said mmm I see what you mean, to her friend and started to undress, all a bit of a blur now but soon all three of us were on the bed and the new lady took a long session of me fucking her from behind as she gorged herself on the huge tits of Diane who was encouraging me to fuck her friend harder, directing me to lick her pussy and then her to suck my wet slippery cock and finally her friend begged me to shoot my spunk deep inside her. It took a few minutes as I was in the save it mode trying to maintain a hard cock but soon the signs that I was about to cum and the short sharp bucks of my hips saw a huge load pumping into her friend.

The two girls were soon licking at my slowly drooping cock and then Diane, watching my face expression, pulled her friends legs appart and dived deep into her pussy, lapping up the dripping cum and displaying the thick white cream on her tongue at one stage and kissing her friend so she had a taste too. At this point as she lay back being licked clean, her friend was soon feeling my cock again and got into position to suck me until I was hard again, Diane was up for it again now after she had watched her friend, she climbed on top of me and guided my refereshed hard cock slowly into her hole and whispering filthy sexy things to me about her friend she rode me to yet another huge orgasm, this stime leaving my cock inside her and slowly rocking on me she maintained my stiff cock and was soon riding away.

We stopped and all naked went for a break into the lounge, coffee and a cuddle on the settee, breasts fondled balls and cock played with soon gave way yo kneeling in fron of Diane and slipping easily in her well lubricated pussy and then moving to her friend for the same. I don’t think I have ever felt so sexed up as I did, especially after feeling concerned for my ability to perform let along being a long stayer. The day turned to the evening and Dianes friend had to leave but wanted one more load of spunk if possible so the two of them went about wanking me sucking me and teasing me as they played with each other but soon I had them both bent over the back of the settee and one by one fed my cock inside each of them, once o felt the juices rising I stayed inside the friend as Diane squeezed my balls till I exploded one more time.

The friend gone, Diane and I went to bed for a wonderful evening of sex and naughty chat and yet more fantasies planned.